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Name: Anna Hall

Archetype: Human?

Faction: The Peacekeeping Hand

Occupation: "Homeless"

Theme Songs: who gives a damn if we lose the war?; it all comes down to this, at the end of things


Running from something she can never escape. Finding something that will forever be hidden. Living away from others, but forever be drawn to them. Finding peace. Finding a home. Finding the space between the trees that one can see the stars through.

Mostly being an overly edgy young woman who has no idea of how deep a pool of filth she managed to step into.

Defined more by how she doesn't fit, she's an ignorant young woman who is swiftly becoming unignorant. Only time will tell if she can get there fast enough to outrun the reaper. So far, so good.

The lurking horrors she has faced so far have worn the face of everyday men.

And sometimes, only sometimes, she gets to wear that mask herself.


"Thank you for recovering my teddy bear. Do keep in touch." - Gage ("Yeah. I love being shot at to try to get stuffed toys.")

"You have potential. Find the right people, little wolf, and maybe one day you'll be right there with me." - Teresa ("Think you were the right people. Of course you dead now, so this sounds a little more ominous then it should.")

"Despite the risk, that you dare to still go out and hunt, and improve your abilities is more than most are willing to do. I respect you for that." - Briar ("Right back at you, Briar.")

"Мы друзья, семья, и вы слушали. Никогда не прекращайте слушать. Эта напоминает мне о нас ..."Вы видите, что у мужчина есть изъяны. И мы - зло, всякий и каждый. И в объятиях зла тебе никогда не бывает скучно. Адские кошки, похвалил, любил и обожал!"" - Katyushka ("...is that swedish?")

"You have no idea how pleased I am. It is time to be yourself." - Gage ("Well. I hope to become my best self. Whatever that looks like.")

"Did my finger bleed when I picked you, sweet Rose?" - Arete ("Hey, if it didn't, we can fix that.")

"Told you we weren't gonna be great friends." - Don ("Sure, Donny.")

"After all of the weirdness, I feel bad for not saying goodbye to you before disappearing. You'll fare better than I did." - Sallaat? ("Didn't know you as well as I could have, just... the shadows of you. Maybe that's enough. Like you just knew the shadows of me. Maybe it's better that way.")

"You? You're a girl I can get down with. Weirdness aside. Not afraid to crack skulls, a little reserved for my taste but to be fair, I haven't seen you during your time of the month. " - Scott ("Maybe we can pencil you in. I hear it's a great time for all parties involved.")

"You don't wanna pack with me. " - Witter ("Nothin' heals more than family. And power to get the revenge you need. Let me know.")

"One of the countless ill that comes through my doors every day, but Miss Hall, you have something behind your eyes that intrigues me. I wonder if we can break it?" - The Good Doctor ("Guarantee it's going to be harder to break than your skull would be.")

"You remind me of myself when I was a teenager. You can't run from what is inside of you ... You can only face it head on. Who knows, that just may be the key to Balance. But nothing can get better if you let it fester. Best face the fire, and cleanse the wounds. Then you'll grow stronger than ever. And, I want to stand with you as you face your demons, sister." - Jena ("Glad you on my side. But there's all kinds of demons out there, not just mine.")

"Yep. Too sweet to kill, too high to die. Sure, they say I'm a monster, but what's that even mean in this town, really? But! Let me see you hunt, let me see you kill. I bet it's a fuckin' trip." - Ivar ("It ain't the destination, but the journey. Something I bet you understand all too good.")

"That'll do, Alpha. With Ivan dead, I don't see many other chances for us to fight together. But that was nice." - Scott

"Yo so like. Just wanted to say hi, you're cool. I got your back always." - Chloe