• "Loyalty is the word that actually defines him."

    - Azrael

    Ryan is a man, like any other. Easy to rile, not so easy to forgive and always ready to do what needs to be done. He has been said to be a man of few words, but actions often speak louder. For his sins, the Native American often throws himself to the hazard with reckless abandon, and many have wondered if the man who courts Death so closely truly seeks the final embrace. This man has never been far from an eerie and menacing reputation, and rumors often follow him wherever he goes but there are two things they all agree on. He is a man who takes his loyalties seriously often creating strong bonds with those who have it, and he holds his word almost as strongly. Once given, Ryan will rarely break a deal made or a promise given and he never lies. What is left of his humanity clings vaingloriously to the hope that no man may walk so long in the Shadow that they cannot again find the Light.

  • "Oh, shit."

    Words uttered by many when they see The Beast that lies within the Cherokee man. So much of Ryan has been lost to the darkness that clouds his mind. He hunts his prey fearless, relentless always in search of the next moment on the edge. Whether it's in the woods that surround the town, or the darkened alleyways within the town itself when people hear the heavy thud of over-sized paws against the dirt or concrete they know it's time to run. When the moon is full in the sky there are few places within the bounds of Haven that are safe, and anything he runs across may very well be fair game.

  • Just tell him I'm tired ...

    It is when Ryan's Wrath rises closest to the surface that he can still find new things within himself. Wherever this man goes, Death is sure to follow in his stead not too far behind, and yet he finds himself bolstered from the most unlikely of sources; in the words of a Cardinal. Fringed, the wolf finds fewer and fewer places to turn to, and fewer sparks of hope to propel him forward. His life spared once more, his footsteps forward stolen or given by another once more Ryan now begins to remember what it is to live each moment to be the most alive, rather than living to die.

  • Name: Ryan Hawn
    Intro: a rugged man with sienna skin
    Birthdate: September 5, 1988
    Age: 30 (25)
    Archetype: Veteran Werewolf
    Society: The Wild Hunt? The Hand
    Subfaction: The Peacekeeping Hand
    Occupation: Freelance Contractor
    Theme Song: Rehab - What Do You Want From Me?