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Name Scott Wilson
Archetype Vampire - Berserker
Age 124
Occupation "Friendly" sandwich shop owner, Dominus of the Brood
Theme Song Rollins Band - Liar

Cancerslug - Bloodlust

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What I'm Doing in Haven

Scott Wilson was never a good man, even before he became a vampire. He was a religious one. He was one that believed in things but it wasn't ever goodness and light that motivated him. The troubled child of a dockworker and a woman who had fled Ireland Scott was born in eighteen ninety four. He was sired shortly after his eighteenth birthday and given the keys to an immortal thirst. One that he holds in high regard.

Where I Fit in a World of Monsters

How has Scott remained sane in the more than a hundred years he's been alive? He hasn't. He adheres to some strict rules. A code of honor and respect and decorum that seems almost out of place especially in Haven. Apart from that he is a hedonist, constantly and obsessively seeking new sensations during his quest for self mastery.

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RP Hooks

  • Found - Scott can typically be found with his sire Asya Petrov. He's not lost anymore.
  • Hungry - Always... always hungry.
  • Hedon - In addition to enjoying beer Scott likes the druggy highs of supernatural blood, he also likes... druggy highs.
  • Eternal. Undying. - Scott believes in an... almost completely obliterated vampiric religion.

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"I have met him, but I am unsure what to think of him. He does not unnerve me, but I am not really relaxed around him either." - Morgana

“I hope you let them help you, Scott.” – Eve

"The trail of blood we leave across this earth will ease your hatred." - Her

"A vampire. And one I actually like. In a sort of ironic twist, I enjoy his company." - Alexander

"I think you're so much more than you seem. Maybe we both are. I want to know more but something tells me to steer clear. I'm almost certain I won't listen to logic or reason on the matter." - Gilly Bean

"He makes the best damn cheeseburger in the town! I respect a man who can cook!" - Jena

"I think I have something to give you..." - Violet Bunker

"It will be a pleasure to serve by your side, Sergeant. There is much we will accomplish, of that I am certain." - Leilani Kekoa

"Sometimes I wonder if our relationship is one that is entirely too unhealthy. And then I just don't care if it is or isn't. I feel guilty, but yet I don't. And I know in the end, it will only be the pain I feel, and not the pleasure." - Kylie

"I have your back. Trust me." - Selene?

"He knows how to get a job done, and he's seen enough shit that he's actually useful. I like him." - Renfield

"For a leech you ain't bad. And in the end, maybe we can find some kinda way forward, together. Or just fucking die together by sword and claw, if you big enough to manage that." - Rose

"In all those promises I gave to never leave your side again, I forgot to get the same assurances from you. ...I'm missing half of myself. Please wake soon, my love." - Her