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Sua Swann

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V : Masquerades & Deceit?
"There is nothing more deceptive than obvious fact."
- Sherlock Holmes

100th Anniversary for Cannibal Joe

20th of March, 2021

[Printed near the start of the Haven Courier, in the Local News section]

Most of Haven has no doubt heard of the urban legend of 'Cannibal Joe' who was trapped underground for eight days and how he consumed his workmates to persevere and live, and the ghosts of the deceased that still yet haunt the forests, searching for lost hikers to eat. But it is something we so readily dismiss as being little more than fiction. Something we tell our children to keep them out of the forest, or threaten them with if they're naughty.

And while most urban legends are more fact than fiction, this one is at least partially woven from truth. Erased from most historical records on the topic, little can be found on the Old Wilson Diggings gold prospect site located west of Haven. It's not till you talk to the locals, and view their pay slips and other mementos of great grandparents long since passed away that the truth starts to come out of its existence.

Mildred 97, tells of her father, who use to work in the mines sharing with her one drunken night that Joe didn't just survive, when he left the mine, he had put on weight. And that the desire for flesh never quite left him. Young children often went missing around Haven after that, and while he was never convicted, local gossip at the time, blamed Cannibal Joe.

Norman 91, had a father that worked in the mines and shared with us a couple of old newspaper articles that have been handed down through his family. The headlines read: "Four Men, Presumed Dead, Lost in Old Wilson Diggings", "Found! Joe Murphy, Risen From the Dead?", "Tragedy in Old Wilson Diggings", and "Joe Ate His Friends to Survive!"

Another local, Addie 95 speaks of a cousin, who went missing shortly after Joe's rescue from the mines. "She was just a wee thing, not more than eight. But she liked to wander. Always playing hide and seek in the forest. And one day, she just didn't come back. Her remains were found years later, and there were -human- bite marks on the bones. They all knew it was Cannibal Joe."

This week we acknowledge the 100th anniversary of the collapse within Old Wilson's Diggings and Cannibal Joe's rescue eight days later, and locals around town leave out bloody pick axes in front doors and in store fronts to both remember those lost and celebrate this not quite so 'urban legend'.

by Sua Swann

Eden Gardens: Oh, Yes It's Ladies Night!

18th of March, 2021

[Printed near the start of the Haven Courier, in the lifestyle section]

You know when one of the families host an event it's going to be good. And Bellamy's Ladies Night at his very own Garden of Eden will be no exception. He has a spectacular line up playing tribute to all things women for Women's History month. Showing off a wealth of amazing female performers and artists and set in the dramatic backdrop of his water garden and highlighted by state of the art lighting. It's all just a little bit extra but I'm in love 😍 with it all.

There's a dance floor for those who want to get their groove on, but chill out zones for guests that want somewhere quiet to retreat to for a chat, cigar or make-out session. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to taste test of some of the cocktails and food on offer and boy are we in for a treat. I recommend giving the unicorn kiss and the mermaid in the tropics a go, or if you're the driver for the evening, the raspberry lemonade is refreshing. But it's not at all surprising given that Bellamy has brought in Haven's very own Spring to craft the menu.

Starting at 8pm on Friday the 26th of March, the opening event will be running till late. There's a cover charge of $10 for the men. Women, and anyone in a dress, will have the cover charge waived.

Eden Gardens is the quintessential destination for your next night out. Whether you’re celebrating your hen’s night or just planning that well overdue catch-up with the girls, Eden Gardens has you covered.

Location: 89 Elm's Bane, Haven.

by Sua Swann

Reporter Profile: Sua Swann

Recently promoted, Sua is no more the baby of the Courier team. No longer is she fetching coffees and lunches and begging Peter for stories. Now she's regularly pitching to the team, and graduated on to opinion pieces and more hard-line stories. Not that the occasional lifestyle piece isn't still on the cards.

When she's not buried under a pile of paperwork at the Courier's Office, she's hunting out leads for her next story.

Occupation: Reporter @ Haven Courier.
Social: Instagram, Traits, Playlist.
Family: Peter Swann (brother), Lorraine Swann (sister), Noelle Swann (sister), Alaric Arkwright (cousin).
Boyfriend: Case Arkwright

Antagonism Style

Generally I prefer smaller scenes, with at the most, two antagonists and will try to avoid inflicting gank squads on others. I enjoy a healthy amount of back and forth between two enemies, and am very open to retaliation for actions my PC does. I utilise schemes, curses, potions, combat, operations, nightmare pull, observation, victimize, dreams and abduction. I tend to avoid inflicting lengthy clinic stays or captivity.

Victimisation Preferences

The two big things that I prefer to try and avoid is rape RP, and extensive captivity. The former, if I am involved in, will almost certainly result in a FTB on my part. I prefer to avoid fast combat if possible and gank-squading tends to be too fast paced for me to keep up with, and not a lot of fun to partake in. I have no issues with losing, but prefer combat be kept to a smaller group. 2 vs 1 or 3 vs 1 is fine. 5 vs 1 or 10 vs 1, not so much.

Asides from that, I'm pretty open to being fucked with in a variety of ways.


Sua Swann's Traits

Inquisitive, Adopted, The Intern, Allergic to Routine, Intrepid Reporter, Fashion Conscious, Chatterbox, Writer, Secret Chaser, Amateur Sleuth, Jittery, Curious, Sock Collector, Easily Distracted, Skilled but Naïve, Crazy Cat Lady, Forgets to Eat.


Sua Swann


Sua Swann's Playlist

And she looks like a model, except she's got a little more ass. Don't even bother, unless you've got that thing she likes. Ooh, I hope she's going home with me tonight

Hey, those flashing lights come from everywhere, the way they hit her I had to stop and stare. She's got me love stoned, man, I swear she's bad and she knows. I think that she knows

She shuts the room down, the way she walks and causes a fuss. The baddest in town, she's flawless like some uncut ice. I hope she's going home with me tonight

And all she wants is to dance, that's why you'll find her on the floor. But you don't have a chance. Unless you move the way that she likes. That's why she's going home with me tonight, oh

LoveStoned/I Think She Knows Interlude
Justin Timberlake


"I feel like a local celebrity after being quoted. Maybe I'll have a story for you sometime!"
- Jei

"Love her stories, they keep the rest of the locals up to date and gives us all something to talk about over dinner."
- Abel

"Sua best reporter! Keep story going!"
- Kenji

"Ain't you just chock full of surprises?"
- River

"Quality over quantity."
- Spring

"Some might not be proud to be caught like that. I am not opposed to free advertising. Next time though, we should negotiate royalties first. Might improve performance!"
- Sir Mournemyst

"I think she's what I'd turn out to be if I was born on Earth, and also without a conscience."
- Wildling Mischief-Maker

"It has been nice... But now it is time for our next chapter, time for it to actually be fun."
- OldBoy

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