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Tanner Lacroix

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(¯`·._.· Tanner Etienne Lacroix ·._.·´¯)

Tanner Lacroix

(¯`·._.·And here I thought·._.·´¯)

(¯`·._.·I was a monster before·._.·´¯)


+What He's Doing in Haven+

He hasn't quite got a clue. Being a barista and seeing things that he never expected to see. As for what brought him here, familial pressure following a.. tangly situation regarding his grandfather's inheritance is the most likely reason, and the one he states. However, the obvious supernatural allure of the town isn't lost on him.

+Where he fits in a Supernatural World+

Neatly and without question. Well, with no questions to start, but a growing amount as things go on.

+How He Copes with the Lurking Horrors+

By taking pills like tic tacs.

+Fun Bits+

Il parle un peu français!

He's never been convicted of anything in a court of law!

He has his mother blocked on Facebook!

He went to private school but dropped out of uni!


"I didn't think we'd actually happen, but let's give us a try, lovely. No havoc will remain unwreaked. We see a havoc walking around, minding its own business, we wreak the shit out of it." - Colin

"I didn't mean to scare ya, sug. We can still be friends, right?." - Said Facilier in the Making

"I am NOT Sherlock Holmes!" - Jim Hart

"I will miss you always." - Colin