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Wesley Jones

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Wes grew up on a Navy base in Norfolk, Virginia. Had a passion for running that was purely fueled by his father's insistence. At one point, when he was in his early 20s, the man managed to get into the World Championships for Track and Field events. However, his Olympic dreams were shattered, and he's not professionally run since.

What I'm Doing in Haven

Helping create a Happier world, one therapy session at a time. But also to spend his time creating new inventions and working on the townsfolk's mechanical issues. He's got a knack for anything metal and piston-y. He spends a lot of time working at Collateral Damage as their sole gunsmith, and it seems that he is the only one in town at all. "It's kind of nice, having people rely on me for maintenance and custom work." - Wes

Fitting in a Supernatural World

To those in the know, they'd easily find that Wes fits in rather well, having found a niche and carved it wider to place himself within. A member of the Children of Eternal Sunshine, and a certain group of demigods seem to know who he is.


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