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Asherah is Mother, Queen, Consort, Goddess. Spirit of heaven, water and lust, she is known for her conflictuous relationship with a few other spirits, while called by others things such "the Goddess par excellence", "Creatrix" or "Queen of Heaven". Mother of 77, she is no different than other spirits in that she works constantly, in several different ways, in order to have Humans worship Her, during this Primeval times.

She is probably an origin of Martha Carroll's bloodline.

RP Hooks

Spirit - A being of pure soul force, her purpose is cryptic, but her plan involves the survivor of kinfolk, hopefully in freedom, but mostly in communion with worship and ritualistic practices that will feed her needs. With the heavens and the air she gives them a way to breathe, with the water she sates their thirst, and with lust she promotes their reproduction. Is it only fair, in her perspective, that they worship Her, the one who gives them all.


"I won't forget, I will worship you." - Shaman apprentice Gig?

"I will keep my word, do as you say." - Dhion