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Audrey Tautou is the actress portraying Ella

The Wasteland Episilon 7 Lost Carcosa Dragon Age: Inquisition Rising Boston: 2100
Doctor Ella Captain Ella Captain Ella Ella Ella

Ella is a beautiful brunette, one version of her being a Scientist on New Hope, another a frigate Captain (who once was pulled into Lost Carcosa), another still a corpie at The Rosen Foundation. She's also an inconspicuous peasant in Dragon Age: Inquisition Rising.

The multiple faces of Ella

The Wasteland

Living for others, this is how Ella started to make a name for herself in New Hope city. She was a fairly good doctor, a practice she learned by watching and by necessity. And it was her medical skills that made her be known - specially because she was known as being available to take care of anyone who needed her, no matter how much they could or could not pay. Not a wealthy woman, she slowly managed to make her life entirely as a doctor, and while she not always had the money available to buy one or another thing, no one inside the walls refused credit to the doctor that also never refused to treat someone.

It was, for one hand, the compassion and real interest for the lives of those within the walls, and for the other hand the ruthlessness in which sometimes decisions have to be made on the operating table, that probably made Ella's name being spoken of between the Senators. And when their numbers went from 100 to 99 again, Ella gladly accepted the invitation to be one of the city's Senators, hoping she'll be able to use that position to further dedicate herself to provide a good life to the citizens of New Hope.

Months later, she started using more and more the resources at her disposal as a member of the Senate to further her scientific research. Lately, she abdicated of her term as a Senator, to focus full time on her scientific research.

Epsilon 7

A very private person, Captain Ella rarely speaks about herself, almost no one knows anything about her business, and she just flat-out refuses to speak about her past.

Lost Carcosa

Once, Captain Ella's starship was led and made to crash in the planet where Lost Carcosa is. She did all she could to find her way back, but instead she found more knowledge than she could handle, and now, she serves the King by being an artist of the Blue Spire.

Dragon Age

Seemingly a simple peasant, Ella's private life is well kept that way - private. She might have a role to play in the unfolding of things, but for most, she will be seen as simply an hard-working, if poor, woman.

What is said about her

Opinions on Doctor Ella

“Thank you, better live with one hand than die with two.” – - A "patient"

“Nothing so far. Just a few people keeping where they should be- away from the wall.” – Corporal Kane

“Who isn't tired these days?” – Miss Nora Darling?

Opinions on Captain Ella

“...I look forward to doing business with you, one way or the other” – Captain Sinjiro

“And how much is it gonna cost me to get the details?” – Merek?

“I want to learn how to pilot a ship.” – Rhiannon?

“Yeah. Well if you are ever lookin' for a good merc to get some work done, let me know. I might come a bit on the high end of the market, but I always get results.” – Thomillar Khan?

“Want to start over without the cheesy ice breakers? Name is Samuel.” – Samuel?

“life made her... hard. But she really should get laid.” – Jennifer?

“I am so, so sorry, Your Highness, for hurting your feelings and making to leave a bit early. That was ... way out of line. Won't happen again ma'am. I'm over the sixty-two moons waiting to hear more about your job offer.” – Sly?

“Find yourself upon the gates, seek the Lake. Upon it's misty shores, say the names of which forgotten echoes wake. For there upon those shores you'll find the answer you seek. Return naked and alone, and knowledge can be yours. Find the sign.” – The Pallid Mask

“To know of the King, one must understand what befell Carcosa. If they bear -His- will...it is too late for them.” – An ex-Royal Historian

“As for the rest you will rise high I suspect but maybe not to the tower, maybe you will.” – The Blind One?

“Reminds me of my beginning days...” – Hak

Opinions on Servant Ella

“Almost taken out by a servant” – The King of Ferelden?