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Before those useless Nightbringers decided to ruin it all, the Demons were at our service - at the service of those, like me, who are able to wield the powers of magic. Now, the Demons are on the loose in our world, but I will still not bow, not to Luna, to any human Queen or demonic King. To kneel is to die, and even if I no longer can use the demon's powers, I still am able to draw magic from somewhere else. I don't know how, but I know I will manage to one day become as powerful as I once were, and better off, not having to deal with any demons for it. None, but the demon within.

RP Hooks

Independent - I don't need you - or anyone - thank you very much.

Some kind of magic - I still need to figure things out, but I will do so - that's a promise.

Uncaring - Honestly? I don't give a damn if there is a Queen or a King, wealth or ruins, abundance or famine. As long as I don't get involved in your drama...


"It is good to laugh, Lady Ophelia. That craft is worth more than all your steel." - Aelgar?

"Nullam finibus odio dui, ut lacinia ex consectetur vitae. Nunc eget auctor odio. Ut nec maximus orci, nec pretium justo. Phasellus sagittis lorem ante, vitae posuere ante efficitur nec." - Character?