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The Unbound Covenant

The Unbound Covenant


Often shortened to 'The Unbound', The Unbound Covenant is primarily a group of female arcanists. An essential goal for this group is to promote a safe space for women to learn and grow as they gradually harness their power. Men and non-arcanists may join, but men especially have restricted capabilities within the society and are often looked upon as mere servants.


Isabella Osana Bishop, the founder of The Unbound, is an arcanist with ties to The Black Circle. She has lived through different years of time, skipping decades and even centuries from the late 1600's to the present. With a deep bitterness for the anti-supernatural and the patriarchic men who burned her family at the stake, she has vowed to bolster her arcanist sisters and encourage their success to the best of her ability.



* Mother - Leader

* Sorceress - An ascended sister with a great deal of trust

* Sister - A full-fledged member of the Unbound

* Apprentice - A new member of The Unbound who has yet to discover or showcase their potential

* Servant - The lowest ranking member of The Unbound, often men, with very little trust

+OOC Notes+

Whether obvious or obscure at the surface, The Unbound is ultimately a cult. Members are allowed to worship their own deities and cultivate their freewill, but are expected to put the society and its members above all else.


+The Commune+

Deep within Haven's northern forest, a large Carpenter Gothic style building has been erected. This structure is vast and is home to the members of The Unbound. There is little privacy in the commune with most, if not all, activities of daily life expected to be collectivistic.