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Art by Umbetari

Genre (Historical / Adventure / Fantasy / Mystery )
Content Rating R
Current Plot Involvement
Availability Friday and Saturday evenings. Some mornings.
Contact Preference (Note)
Okay to Contact for RP? (Yes)


I enjoy plots with interesting storylines and moral dilemas. I feel that difficult choices make for more interesting character development than anything else.

Boston's Best Chef (July 2014) Log

[In newspapers and magazines] Riding on the coattails of successful shows like Master Chef, Top Chef and Hell's Kitchen, Boston local Terence Phillips, owner of the resturant Tee's Steak House, is hosting the first Boston's Best Chef contest. Eight contestants will compete in pairs over two nights, with the final four battling it out against each other on the final night for ultimate victory. Audience members are invited to make reservations, at a cost of $50 per person, as their opinions of the meals will impact the judging of the event. Audience members are limited to 10 per evening.


  • I expect a certain level of maturity from the players that I SR for. Joking around or insulting real threats is likely to get you and/or others shot until people take things seriously.
  • Along the same vein know that I expect players to be aware of consequences for their actions in the mundane world. There is only so much the factions can cover up when it comes to open violence and killing.