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Genre Action, Mystery, Horror
Content Rating R
Current Plot Involvement None
Availability Evenings, PST
Contact Preference Note
Okay to Contact for RP? Maybe


I mostly run plots and adventures and shy away from ambiance. A little lighter on the horror, I mostly enjoy running plots where PCs need to do some thinking and exert their creativity to resolve the issues that they face.

I also enjoy running adventures for subfactions or along archetype lines, so if you have a PC that's a part of the Sentinels or some other obscure subfaction, note up and I might get an idea!

Prior Adventures

A Wild Hunt -- A tri-faction hunt of a barghest at the behest of supernatural big game hunter.

Anchorhead and Anchorhead Redux-- A two adventure set dealing with the investigation of a suspicious, New England town by the Temple. Explosions were involved.

Bad Wolf Rising -- Delving into the dreams of a comatose werewolf by other werewolves to free them from possession by a malevolent spirit, confronting not only the entity, but also their own primal natures.

A Colder War -- CIA and MI6 operatives working jointly together to seize the instructions for a magic ritual from their Chinese counterparts.

In Your Wildest Dreams (Battle for Yerevan) -- Hand and Order competing as they simultaneously invade the dreams of the King of the Armenian Mafia in an attempt to come away with some sort of information that can be used to exert control over him.

The Demon Blade - A Kaidan -- Hand agents and ghost-hunting Sentinels proceed to the outskirts of Tokyo to investigate the hauntings of a traditional Japanese inn that's claimed the life of an asset to the Hand in Japan, and if necessary, exorcise it.


  • I try to follow HELP STORY DEATH but given the limitations on trust, I can only do what you permit me to do.
  • I typically try to avoid using coded combat and instead use noheal and hurt. Occasionally I forget to remove the noheal flag. Please remind me if that's the case.