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Caged is back in an unrushed and low-key capacity. Plots will likely remain small-scale unless blown up through PC actions.

Genre Character Development
Content Rating NC17
Availability Moderate

About Caged

  • Caged prefers small-to-medium scale personal plots with focus on characters' backgrounds and personal development - not world-shaking havoc or over-the-top action.
  • The usual Storyrunner creed applies here: In character actions = in character consequences. I'm not here to kill you, but dangerous situations with me will feel dangerous, because they will be dangerous.
  • Primarily I'm here to craft stories and to help you delve into what makes your character tick, what makes them into a full, living, breathing person. That fascinates me moreso than how good a shot they are or how fast they run, jump, skip or fly.
  • My stories are open-ended with no limits. If your PC cleverly and realistically is bringing about the end of the world through one of my plots, I'll support it 100% until the staff stops me. You can take your stories anywhere with me - I don't railroad you.

A note from Caged:

  • Trusting me (or other SRs) to moderate allows us to see your background, and with my PC-centric focus, helps me to craft stories based on you and your history better than I could otherwise.
  • If you use advanced trust, take advantage of it and use the think/feel commands. They're quite a window to the soul, and can help you (and us) understand your character better.


"One of my favorite storyrunners of late, really seems to show attention to the little things. Provides nice ambiance, and even epic feeling stories, that aren't so overwhelming and impossible to follow. Thumbs up." - A Fan

"Bullwinkle and I are tight." - Player of Damien

".... Does parrot taste of chicken?" - Masque