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Genre Horror/Romance/Action/Science Fiction/Mystery/War/Metaplot/Haven Sheriff's Department/Keepers
Content Rating NC-17
Availability Sporadic, Often On
Contact Preference Pray
Okay to Contact for RP? Yes


The head of the SR staff and the metaplot director, Tyr is in charge of the lore, I just make the lore happen. Expect my plots to involve the latest of codes (for testing purposes) and to be filled with horror during mystery plots and filled with overwhelming odds should there be combat. Brute force often won't win you through a plot alone.


  • As an immortal, the only way to protect yourself from my plots are to set story 0. At story 0, I can not affect you with my guests, I will not initiate combat with you, and I will not have my NPCs hold you accountable for not engaging in my plots.
  • However, as I am in charge of the metaplot, some of my plots will affect Haven on a global scale. While I still won't hold your NPC accountable for not engaging in my plot, this may indirectly affect you somehow (such as Who Shouldn't Be taking everyone's power).
  • Turning story off does not protect you from the HSD. Just because you have Story off does not make the police suddenly unable to stop you. I will, however, try and have PC Detectives and Deputies try to deal with you before I take a hand in having you accosted.