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Themesong The Guess Who - Rain Dance
Genre Horror / Mystery
Content Rating NC-17
Current Plot Involvement None
Availability Sporadic
Contact Preference OOC Note / Petition
Okay to Contact for RP? No


Plots and stories that Discordance is likely to run are unlikely to center on any one character and will at least start small. They will typically be opt out and may contain either graphic or shock content which may be offensive to participants of all ages. Action content is liable to be rare, but confrontations will always be dangerous when they occur. Coded combat is unlikely to be engaged in which means while a player's stats may be used to justify or be consulted when determining the consequences of an action, they alone will not be sufficient to either survive an encounter or thwart a plot. The actions of players will be more important than their score sheet when determining their fate.

Several encounters or at least near encounters will be expected with any NPC that a plot revolves or hinges upon. Success will not be determined by a single event, but rather the course of the plot will be affected and steered through a variety. As such, it is advisable to expect small gains instead of one monumental victory. Loses have no such limitation. Tread softly.


  • This story runner is set to an advanced level of trust by default. There is no reason to set it manually. Typing "story off" will remove trust from all immortals including Discordance. Players will be opted out of scenes that Discordance runs without resorting to turning "story off" if they send an ooc note to Discordance requesting it.