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Genre Horror, Horror, Horror, Horror, Horror
Content Rating NC-17
Current Plot Involvement The Cradle House, The Market Black
Past Plot Involvement Dawning of the Age of Aquarius, Hush
Availability Hours are very open to scheduling but limited in quantity.
Contact Preference STalk, Message, Note
Okay to Contact for RP? Encouraged


Plots are based on physical and social environments in the setting, intended for long term interaction with players. Both The Cradle House and The Market Black are intended to serve and encourage niche roleplay for the playerbase, and to especially nourish the horror aspects of the game. Players will find allies, enemies and contacts in the world of Haven within these places.

I Really, Really, Really Hate Research Requests

Most information in my plots isn't readily available for a reason. It's obscure, it's a single instance of something private or small, it's trying to hide from you, etc. Most supernatural secrets aren't detailed on the web or in books at your local library in these plots, and if they are, they are clouded by millions of other theories (read: red herrings).

If it's paltry info you're looking for I can probably send it in a message to you, but don't expect revelations with no dots in contacts and a research request. If you have no dots and you're interested in learning, you'll have to do some charming, threatening, bartering, blackmailing, or relationship building with plot elements. Doesn't that sound a lot nicer?

Basically, I really discourage use of the research command in the stead of player action/decisions. Hitting the pavement and talking to NPCs in Haven will be the way to learn about plots. STALK up, tell me about your connections and methods, and we'll arrange a scene. It's more fun and informative for both of us and you get to talk to real contacts.

And if you have any questions or concerns about getting involved either way, please do STALK me!


  • While I'll will try to accommodate those interested, I reserve the right to narrow plots down to specific groups and prefer to run for smaller parties rather than giant ones. Players with demonstrated ability to share and involve others in story, take initiative, and are low-drama OOC will have priority. Sometimes I might be a little slow. Usually this is for a reason. Please don't treat me poorly. I will stop writing for you entirely.
  • Combat scenes may occur, but I'm likely to ask for action phase (players using stats to act, emoting), then respond to group with NPC/target results. Mass fast combat with NPCs will not occur.