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Genre Horror/Romance/Action/Science Fiction/Mystery/etc
Content Rating Varied
Current Plot Involvement None at the moment
Availability Any hours that I'm available
Contact Preference STalk
Okay to Contact for RP? Yes


I like to run any and all plots that involve Character development. I believe this world is an actual breathing and living world set in our time. As such I value Character Development over power gaming. Optimization however is fair game. Also if you have a plot idea, chuck it my way and will see what we can do. I been in the RP scene since I was nine and currently thirty four.


  • My true nature is one of being quite cold. This is mistaken a lot for being uncaring. This is not the case. Just that I'm not the kind of guy who will let emotions get in the way of Role Playing.
  • I attempt to make things as realistic as possible given the setting. This means you may not exactly come out on top.
  • I dislike IC/OOC bleeding with a passion so it goes without saying I don't like metagaming/metagamers at all.
  • If for any reason you know who my characters are -don't- treat them any differently as this is a complete turn off for me. You got to be mean to any of my characters then do so. I don't hold grudges. I know how to seperate from my character.
  • I like to be as fair as possible. Do not mistake that for being nice, kind, mean, an a-hole or a dick.