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Genre Horror/Science Fiction/Mystery/Paranormal Romance
Content Rating (Not Yet Rated)
Current Plot Involvement None Currently
Availability Monday through Friday: 3 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Weekends: Varies
Note: During plot involvement, this SR will be available most hours of the day.
Contact Preference Note, STalk, & Tells (This SR is OOC Consented)
Okay to Contact for RP? Yes



  • Be aware that this Story Runner prefers to be realistic, meaning if you do something that would logically get you killed, without reasonable modifiers, you will probably die on a plot ran by this SR. The content in scenes ran by this storyrunner may range to gory or perverted, and while this is not always the SR's M.O. Ghostseeker will not hesitate to run such if the RP situation calls for it. This should go without saying, but Ghostseeker will not play favorites in a plot, adventure etc, either.

Trusting this SR to Advanced implies consent for the SR to Spy and Lookup information on your character. Any special requests for RP that you do not wish to announce via STalk, Ghostseeker does ask that you send her a Tell if she is online, or a Note.