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Genre Puzzles and Exploration
Content Rating G to NC-17, but primarily PG-13 (no nudity, light peril, some violence!)
Current Plot Involvement Chasing Perfection storyarc
Availability 5pm til 4am GMT, some variation due to day.
Contact Preference Note or Tells
Okay to Contact for RP? Yes


I favour personal plots as I enjoy a smaller audience and the ability to flesh out the world around specific characters, however the adventure type open plots I run are typically low risk and involve critical thinking over high octane combat. They are fairly risk free, suitable for Aware and Unaware, human or supernatural, and after often newbie friendly for initial toe-dippings into this aspect of the game. The horror comes from the implications and connotations of both NPC requests and PC decisions, rather than gore and overt fear.

Colouring outside the lines and clever solutions to puzzles are very much encouraged and rewarded.


  • I do not often run combat related plots.
  • Listen carefully to NPCs talking, you may get more information to use when back on grid!