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Lord Nightmare

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Genre (In order from expertise and preference) (Action/Romance/Horror/Mystery)
Content Rating NC-17
Current Plot Involvement (Undecided)
Availability 1pm-11:00pm
Contact Preference STalk, Tell
Okay to Contact for RP? Always, I encourage it.


I'm one of those SR's who will very rarely ever be running an upsy plot. I prefer to be that SR that people ask for over STALK and provide the much needed background effect. My personal favorite genre to write is Romance, though my talent is in action-y type things, though I love putting a Horror spin on all of that. When I run a plot, I am very content with it being Player driven; meaning I will tell the story, but you are in control of the outcome, sorta. All of your PC's choices matter on some level and can drastically alter what I planned/expected from the story, and that is fine.

Plot expectations

  • Be Polite: If at all possible I like to have my players be respectful of the story and those trying to participate. Everyone (unless specified in the information) has the same amount of importance as you. Those who think they need to be in the spotlight and beg for my attentions(which no one is going to do realistically) expect for your actions to have less and less impact.
  • Length: Honestly, length on anything is based off all the players involved in the story, though Ideally I like my SR experiences to be around the times below:

Story/plot: 6-7 hours tops Encounters: 30 minutes - 1 hour. Ambiance: 10 minutes - 2 hours. Personal requests: 1 minute - 10 minutes but frequent.

  • Showstats: I will probe you, I do not need the jarring stat messages, Unless of course another player probes you then that is acceptable, otherwise I will ask that you avoid showstat/showability to me.


  • I do not mind killing you:In the off chance i'm running a plot, i will provide non violent ways out of most situations, but if you do something stupid or think you can power through, expect to die.
  • Graphic: I am a fan of gory stories , if you have a weak stomach, please do not apply.
  • Ninja:Trusting me to advanced opens up the chance of me popping in and making your characters life better/worse/realistic.
  • Grammar:I'm not perfect, expect me to make mistakes every once and a while.
  • Immersion: I try to make my stories Immersive and reach every player, and when players break that, on purpose with OOC emote I will be more likely to punish you in a story setting.
  • Rules: See expectations.


Gimme whatcha got.