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Genre (Drama/science fiction/personal)
Content Rating (NC17)
Current Plot Involvement (N/A)
Availability (Monday and Thursday evenings, all weekend at random)
Contact Preference (Note\STalk\Tell)
Okay to Contact for RP? (YES!)


my background is in English, so I love to create stories and pictures with words. I find myself more busy and distracted than I expect, so I'm more likely to run encounters and ambiance rather than long, drawn out adventures. I honor stats, and will base attempts accordingly. I'm a pretty easy-going person who wants to make things fun for everybody. I love doing personal rp, so if you need some ambiance or want to run a small arc, hit me up. I'm usually pretty open for whatever and willing to do a scene on the fly.

I like to make sure everyone is on board and cool with me logging a scene. To that end, here is my log site: http://www.maniahavenrpg.wordpress.com


  • May explode upon contact with stupid.

I'm really a chill person, but I appreciate people who use common sense. If you want to roleplay that your character is a super blackbelt God, that's fine, but show me the stats to back it up. I appreciate a realistic mode of play.