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Genre Horror/Romance/Action
Content Rating PG-13 to R+
Current Plot Involvement None ATM
Availability Evenings/Nights Typically
Contact Preference Note/STalk
Okay to Contact for RP? Yes


I'm working on several plans at the moment but also will assist with general RP. Keep an eye out for upcoming scenes with baddies in the forest that must be defeated, I plan on the group being shrouded the entire trip and we will have a good mix of grinding and RP along the way. I do ambiance and have no problem RP'ing the out of town guests / relatives of player characters.


  • I'm new as a SR - Bear with me while I get accustomed to the SR commands.
  • I'm Gay - Don't expect a lot of help with heterosexual mush romance scenes.
  • Please consider trusting me - I -NEVER- intend to kill a PC and the only way that PC's typically die in my scenes is by their own actions or the actions of another PC. If I run a scene where death is a possibility you will be warned before entering combat and be provided an escape if wanted.