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Genre Horror, Occult Investigation, Action and Intrigue
Content Rating PG-13 through NC-17
Current Plot Involvement The House on Haunted Hill
Availability Weekdays: PST after 7PM | Weekends: Variable
Contact Preference Note | Stalk
Okay to Contact for RP? Yes


By and large my interests are on horror, with an investigatory and occult bent. I tend to focus on themes of corruption and hubris.

Some books and authors that I have found useful in shaping my plots:

- White Wolf: Vampire, Mage, Wraith
- Stephen King: Rose Red
- Dan Simmons: Summer of Night, A Winter Haunting, Carrion Comfort
- C.S. Friedman: The Coldfire Trilogy
- Elizabeth Bear: The Promethean Age Series, Dust
- Neil Gaiman: American Gods, Sandman

As a note, for players that are uncomfortable with graphic scenes, by and large, I will offer to FTB or narrate the ending of what occurred. This does not prevent the consequences, however, from occuring.

For more information, please see the document located here.


  • Please read the document above. If its TL;DR, then, please at least help Storydeath.