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Genre Horror/Action/Science Fiction/Mystery/High-Fantasy
Content Rating PG-13 & Rated R!
Current Plot Involvement Red Juice
Availability 1600 to 2000 Mountain Time!
Contact Preference Tells, Stalk, and Notes!
Okay to Contact for RP? Yes!


I enjoy telling tales that explore character weaknesses, the lore of Haven, and challenge our perceptions of the real World through the illusion of Art. I have no issues with dramas, action adventures, fantasies, or comedic role play; as each has their place in a story regardless of the intent of the premise or plot.

I encourage everyone to RP their character concepts without some fear of harsh consequences of death or crippling changes to the character itself; but that isn’t a carte blanche to disrespect the rules, your character sheet, or play out something highly unrealistic and commit suicidal or rash actions in character and not expect to be given an appropriate consequence because of said action.

I suggest that before sending me a tell about something you disagree with in character that you’ve personally read the emote given, ask for clarification should any confusion arise, and not to simply complain and whine when things don’t go your way. I.E.: Your character has running 10 but 0 stamina and expects to keep that running speed up from more than the actual distance it covers once. Performing multiple actions in a single turn beyond an action, movement, and using an ability; especially if your character stats don’t allow for such physical strain. Branding lethal weapons in a non-lethal situation and then wondering why everything didn’t turn out for the better. This isn't a game of Heroes and Villains, it is a game of Horror, Loss, and Power.

I have no issues with critiques but undoubtedly I’m not going to be an SR for everyone. I have my style and that isn’t going to change much. I hope to see any and all players on my plots. I do not discriminate based on personal biases or out of character conflicts.


  • HAVE REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS! Don't expect to come out on the moral high ground in my tales. You'll earn your success or failure.
  • RESPECT EVERYONE! Don't whine at me, expect your issues to be resolved in five minutes, and then tell me how bad I am. This isn't a fast food service and I'm not being paid to provide you any semblance of touchy feel moments that you matter. I will endeavor to resolve your issues as humanly fast as possible while juggling other tells, the story, and figuring out your personal conundrum: that will take time.
  • BE CONSIDERATE! The time to complain about something in length isn't during the plot. Ask to be excused or wait for the plot to end or session to be put on hold for the night. Others are playing as well.
  • DO NOT LORD OVER OTHERS! Your time is no more valuable then everyone involved.
  • HAVE PATIENCE! I don't pretend to know the game inside and out, I have knowledge, but I am fallible, but don't expect a friggen gold star if you point out something I didn't know and in turn want me to verbally acknowledge that ignorance to you personally. If I'm working OOCLY to resolve your issue the action speaks for itself.