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SR Emilie

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Genre Horror, Action, Romance, Horror Sci-Fi (Frankenstein, Alien, so on)
Content Rating R/NC-17
Current Plot Involvement None
Availability M-F 9:30PM - 4:30 AM Eastern, 3 PM to whenever weekends!
Contact Preference Tell/Stalk/Note (Make notes out to both SREmilie and Emilie, I'll be sure to see them that way!)
Okay to Contact for RP? Yes, and encouraged!


I'm still very new to being an SR, but I have had a great time being a GM in the past and running events. Please let me know of anything you can see that I can improve in terms of my storytelling.

My tendency is going to be toward personal storylines, or at least, adventures that heavily involve things important to your character. Character development is my key goal - and sometimes that means putting your characters in real danger, and that always means that actions will have real consequences. You'll be forced to make hard choices. Your characters might get hurt. They might lose something, or someone, dear to you.

It won't all be bad. The successes will be rewarding because of the costs. Hopefully, when all is said and done, you'll feel that your character will have made an important step in their life.

That's the kind of RP I want to do.


  • Please read HELP STORY DEATH. I'm not out to kill characters, but I am absolutely holding it as an option if it's appropriate.
  • The more trust you give me, the more I'll be able to tailor your story to you, and make sure the consequences have meaning. If you feel I abuse that at any point, please, talk to me.
  • My scenes are graphic by default. If it's too much, talk to me, and I'll hide a lot of it behind narrative FTB, but pleasant things are not in the nature of this game in my opinion.