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SR Friedrich

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Genres Horror (esp. Psychological), Thriller, Mystery, Character Development, Anything.
Content Rating R
Current Plot Involvement
Availability Offpeak (Haven midnight to Haven 8am)
Contact Preference Note\STalk\Anything
Okay to Contact for RP? Yes


I'm here to make things fun for everyone involved through collaborative storytelling. I'm not here to railroad plots or to guarantee you lose; that said, I'm not going to make things a boring cakewalk, either. I value ingenuity and cleverness above brute-force methods and rote quests. If I can make one person say "holy shit, I want in on the next plot that guy runs," then I couldn't be happier.

That said, trust is important - both sides of the coin. Nothing I discover via Story Running will ever be used by any of my characters, and no feelings bleed between OOC and IC. If one of your characters has a neat hook to drag them into a plot/mystery/adventure of mine, let me know! Weaving our stories together is what makes this go from "cool" to "immersive."

Don't be afraid to inform me of what you like and don't like. It's hard to get a feel for people from one scene. If I can tailor a scene (especially 1-on-1) toward your interests, it's better for both of us - even if your interests aren't in "winning."

I don't take things personally, and I don't mind constructive criticism. I've been running games and MU*s for over a decade and a half, but we all make mistakes, and we run into people we don't mesh with. If you make a mistake OOCly, let me know. If you can't stand my style or my plot, let me know or excuse yourself from it. I'm an adult and can take it.


  • Story Death applies, sure, just like with anyone and everyone else. That said, I don't mind a little injection of comedy, or of 'stupid' bravery, but expect realistic, IC responses to IC actions.