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SR Kelly

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Genre (Horror/Mystery)
Content Rating R
Current Plot Involvement they dream of teeth
Availability Evenings
Contact Preference (Note/Tell/STALK)
Okay to Contact for RP? Yes


I like atmospheric spookiness and horror in the finest tradition of Lovecraft and King. I like small groups, 1-on-1s, duos, threesomes - it's better that way. I like puzzles and people being clever. I like latching onto things player do in the game world like operations and missions and weaving plots out of them. I like realistic characters, and I like other people who like the things I do.

I won't kill you. But hopefully I'll scare you.

Past Adventures: - A Wrecker's Due - The Sentinels and their Temple allies send a team to a remote lighthouse on Canada's eastern coast to investigate a supposed haunting. - Hush, Hush, Hush, Here Comes the Bogeyman - Amidst unrest in Belfast, the Hand and the Order each send representatives to treat with Old Man Bogey, a powerful Fae, hoping to garner his support. - Things That Go Bump in the Night - Hand agents intercept a Syndicate courier protected by a peculiar supernatural guardian, and uncover a grisly package. - A Dream Of Red - Mysterious vials of red honey appear across the world, bringing first peace to the slumber of their imbibers, then dreams of mysterious and ominous portent.

Current Adventures: - In a Mirror, Darkly - A Room-to-Go sales associate dies amidst a violent rampage where much furniture and all the mirrors are shattered. HSD has flagged this as suspicious, and have requested supernatural investigation. - A Study in Shadow - The peculiar research of a Lost agent in the wake of red honey dreams has drawn the serious attention of the Fae. Minions have been dispatched to acquire this research, and to silence or defend the researcher.


  • HELP STORY DEATH is in effect. Please don't do dumb things that force my hand.
  • All my adventures require ADVANCED trust. Please don't apply if you're not willing to give that out. Lowering trust mid-adventure will result in a summon out.
  • I won't coddle you during an adventure. Mysteries will adhere to Haven's internal lore first as best as they can, and their own internal lore second, and they will be solvable. Adventures can and will be failed if you're not clever.
  • If you're looking for massive scenes, Hollywood action, and fireballs flying back and forth, look elsewhere.