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S Rsteve

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Genre Action, Fantasy, Horror, Comedy, Romance
Rating PG13-NC17
Current Plot Involvement N/A
Availability Tuesday-Saturaday 10pm-7am
Contact Preference TELL, NOTE, STALK
Okay to Contact for RP? Always, please. Bug me.


I'm a pretty easy going and laid back person, I pride myself on being insanely easy to approach and inability condemn someone, I try to convey that in scenes by giving the players a task they can enjoy working through regardless of the outcome, and give their characters the ability and environment to grow into something more. I enjoy making people happy, and am pretty accommodating so please don't ever feel bad about reaching out. As for my writing and SR style: I don't use a whole lot of code both do to unfamiliarity with some of the SRing commands, and because their really isn't much a robust emote can't convey with a few showstats (Unless you're trying to play it close to the chest, using attempts is always A-Okay, just I always ask you do your emote then your attempt ^_^ I will give you a verdict and a post for you to work with based on your actions).


  • Anything that players should be especially aware of prior to engaging this story runner.
  • I prefer smaller groups, so if you end up as part of a big group that I'm SRing just expect a little bit of a wait.
  • Don't take advantage of my kindess, bad results 11/10 times.