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Genre Madness
Content Rating G to R but never X.
Current Plot Involvement None Currently
Availability Whenever I bloody want!
Contact Preference Cabbage, Yarn, and A petty soul gem, or sTalk
Okay to Contact for RP? Yes, I mean no. Perhaps? Yes.


I am SHEOGORATH, PRRRRIIIINCCCE OF MADNESS! And... other things. I don't do plots, they do me, except when they don't. Or perhaps they do you. It all depends, really, but I find you mortals to be such fun! When the mood strikes, me and, it does sometimes, very hard in fact. It makes me head spin, and then I'm obligated to strike the mood back, or it gets... wrong. Encounters are my favorite, oh... I do so much love encounters, ya never know what will happen, you could be saving another silly mortal, or saving yerself! HA! But really, do come in, it's a lovely time of year, and the cheese is...to die for.


  • I do not do sexual encounters. Do not ask.
  • I do not do large plots, unless I see something I like.
  • I may kill you, or you may kill yourself. It all depends.
  • Cats, Dogs, and Sheep, may suffer blood curdling screams.
  • The cheese is free, FOR EVERYONE.