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Genre Horror, Mystery & a little Ambiance
Content Rating All
Current Plot Involvement N/A
Availability Sun-Fri, 9AM-12AM; Sat, 5PM-12AM
Contact Preference Note, STalk.
Okay to Contact for RP? Sure!


Purveyor of few plots, Vain is an SR who promotes humanity as a villain in its own right and enjoys non-combative ways to horrify and alter a character. Her specialties lie in horror with a twist of mystery, and general ambiance for the purposes of brightening Havenites lives. She follows help story death and so should everyone else.

Previous Plots

  • The Living Room - Flynn, Natalie, Shanie and Carth explored a decrepit home in downtown Boston, MA to find the criminal kidnapping girls in the nearby area. The truth was grim as more of it came to light...
  • Moral Compass - Flynn, Natalie, Sadie, Carey and Nidalee assist a witch from the Hidden Council in Virginia in retrieving the head of her father, killed by the Hunters, and help reveal that good is not always best.
  • The Hunt For Maryanne: Margrave's Hollow - Sadie, Mick, Mimi, Wyatt, Meridian and Kier were dropped into a rural 'town' in Louisiana to uncover the secrets of why tourists had gone missing. It seems the truth was more horrifying than they expected, though a twist at the end left two people dead.


  • Enjoys conflict and long-standing RP effects.
  • Not bothered by taboo subjects.
  • Generally not merciful. Generally very fair, in contrast.


"A+++ would adventure again. No, but seriously, this is a superb SR that cultivates some ideas in plots that honestly should not be such a novelty: conflict without supervillains; developing without traumatizing; horror that starts out subtle and yet when the covers are pulled back, it hits you like a steam train to the gut. Her plot was not 'epic'. There were no Fae, no abominations, no armies of bad guys -- just the demons in human nature, dreadful revelations that strike your character to the core. No, it wasn't epic, but it affected my character more strongly than any other plot I've been on. Her NPCs are the kind of characters you wish were PCs, the kinds of characters you relate to, you hate, you love, but more than that you want to keep on interacting with. The adventure was like a book you can't put down, and when it's over you're only hungry for more. We need more like this one." - Natalie's Player, pre-ordering the sequel.