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Genre Horror, Mystery, Action... almost anything!
Content Rating (PG-NC-17. This is all going to be based on the current situation)
Current Plot Involvement Shared Dreams
Availability EST Timezone - Mornings randomly, and 10pm+
Contact Preference Note, Stalk, Tell - Feel free! Interaction and communication is paramount!
Okay to Contact for RP? Yes!


I am going to be thinking of some storyideas for players to be involved in interesting plots that likely involve more role-play and less combat. My idea of an intriguing story has a build up that involves intrigue, suspense, ideas and brainstorming that perhaps ends in a final conflict. You should not think that the combat won't be fantastic as I do come from a background of running tabletops involved plenty of that. Also, please do not be afraid to submit ideas via note to me for things you may want run on a more personal level. I am certainly looking to make Haven become more lively for all characters and I do not mind giving individual attention to do so.


  • Anything can happen! As far as I am concerned the sky is the limit within my adventures and plots or my interactions. That being said I will likely not kill your character unless the characters action deem it appropriate. The potential is there to overcome almost any situation and my stories will likely not have a set and narrow path that is needed to be followed. I am all for the curve ball and if you come up with an idea or solution then I will certainly make it work.