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RE: Dead Game - Thrace - 04-25-2018

I wonder if Legion has one brain overlord. Or they just have individual brains. Either way they must have painfully small brains. I know I'm not a fan favorite. But jeez you really know how to take things way past the border of sanity.

@Leah - You warm my cold heart with your sig, your level and the phrase. But do remember:


RE: Dead Game - Salvation - 04-26-2018

Hi, yes, hello. I'm not afraid of you, I'm actually nice to our newbies, and when I was a newbie, everyone was nice to me.

I also know that Daed and Tyr aren't the same person because ... well, because I know these things, I know where they as individuals live, I know individuals in their lives and whatnot.

I'm really nice to the newbies, too. In fact, I've been nice to you, even after you kind of went crazy and acted like we were all Satan. Because I'm a nice person.

Leah and Tyr might be the same person though.

I have to put pants on for work now, sorry, or I'd talk more.

RE: Dead Game - Discordance - 04-26-2018

Locked. Do not feed.