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Welcome to Haven, a small, innocuous New England town near the coast and only a short commute from Boston. Nestled amongst the forests and not far from the coast the town is home to average townies and university students, but attracts its share of campers and boaters.

It also happens to be the weakpoint between worlds, where creatures of myth and folklore creep across. Drawing a large number of supernatural beings, it is protected and fought over by secret societies.

In order to play, connect the telnet client (MUSHclient / CMUD / MUDlet) of your choice to havenrpg.net:3000

Please be mature and responsible.

Any player is free to use or share any intellectual property of this game including lore and gameplay systems in any way they wish, in whole or in part without limits or attribution.(This does not include anything created by a player)

In News

Viktorin's day begins in a rather unexpected manner when he is awoken by his phone’s glaring screen filled with rapid and urgent messages about a vampire named Victoria Moretti, who has crossed into Haven territory. Bearing the symbol of a sword crossed with a scroll, the notifications signal a call to action for Viktorin, marking the start of a solitary mission enveloped in both duty and reluctance. The messages portray Victoria as a supernaturally criminal figure, affiliated with the Mob and suspected of human trafficking. With only a dated and blurred photograph to guide him, Viktorin prepares for the journey with a mixture of weariness and resolve, arming himself with a replica M1-9 rifle, a dagger, and other essentials for the mission ahead. The task is clear: to track down Victoria who is believed to be seeking sanctuary in Haven, specifically near Willow Cove, and bring her in as per the Order's policy—alive.

Under the cover of a moody day, perfect for the vampire he is hunting, Viktorin embarks towards Willow Cove, his journey marked by a landscape that transitions from urban to the natural outskirts where the cove lies hidden. Despite the ominous weather and the readiness of an impending challenge, an observation strikes him about the inadequacy of his preparation against the weather—a forethought that could have made the venture slightly more comfortable. The mission leads him to question the possibility of locating someone as elusive as Victoria, given her apparent wealth and status that suggest a penchant for luxury rather than the simplicity of the cove’s rugged environment. Viktorin’s speculation about her unwillingness to “rough it” indicates the beginning of his deeper engagement with the assignment at hand, not just as a pursuer but as someone compelled to unravel the enigma of Victoria Moretti, setting the stage for what is likely to be a complex confrontation.
-Viktorin's odd encounter(SRRachel)

During a late afternoon seminar at the Spender Arts and Wellness Center at White Oak, Father Jack Francis attempts to enlighten his students on the nuances and gravitas of defensive magic. Amid ancient texts and mystical ambiance, participants joke about caffeine dependencies and the practical woes of navigating a class so steeped in the arcane. As the group settles, Jack opens the floor, probing the class's experience with magic, effectively dividing them between novices and those more acquainted with the craft. Aristotle’s humor about apocalypse-inducing YouTube tutorials catches the room's attention, hinting at the seminar's underlying tension between the power and peril of their study.

The seminar intensifies as Jack delves into the mechanics of magical defense, exploring physical protection, property wards, and mental shields. The jovial mood shifts as he demonstrates a Latin chant within a ritual circle, inciting a mix of awe and concern among the attendees. Lilah's quip about cursed objects and missed opportunities humorously undercuts the gravity of their lesson, only for the conversation to take a sober turn towards the removal of protective wards from campus grounds. This revelation hits close to home for some, including Lilah, who admits to unexpected visitors in her room, highlighting the personal stakes at play. Despite the night's academic intent, the seminar concludes on a note of communal camaraderie and a shared resolve to confront the unseen dangers that lie just beneath the surface of their everyday lives.
-Jack's [White Oak] Defensive Rituals Seminar

Town News
The current MyHaven influencers are Samantha, Tabitha, and Sienna.

Supernatural News
Among the societies, The Scalebound Covenant has done the best at planning operations this week, The Order at attending them. The Order has gathered the most resources, The Scalebound Covenant the most alchemical resources. No one has engaged in the most big game hunts, no one in the most other world monster hunts. Those Seeking Redemption in the most society conflict in Haven, no one in the most arcane tasks, The Order in the most diplomatic tasks, no one has had the best attendence in out of town missions, no one the best at stopping schemes inside town and no one has built the most roads.

Warzones, London, England, Brasilia, Brazil, Tokyo, Japan, Perth, Australia, Lusaka, Zambia, Merida, Mexico, Navorost, Northgard, Lauriea, District 82
Conflict Zones, Vancouver, Canada, Cordoba, Argentina, Warsaw, Poland, Bangkok, Thailand, Sydney, Australia, Cape Town, South Africa, Gharrek, Rhagost, Celestriana
Supernatural predators have noticed several particularly vulnerable people this week, Jack, Lilah, Lydia, Alexander, Solomon, Rachel, Jill.
Societies note several individuals with valuable intelligence, Silas, Selina, Tabitha, Viktorin, Harriet, Peyton, Samantha, Meridith, Miles, Kylia.

On a chilly evening near Brasília, Brazil, with the waxing gibbous moon peeking through the somber canvas of dark grey storm clouds, a tale of high stakes and fearless resolve unfolded. The air was electric, chilled to the bone at 9F, setting a daunting scene for what was to be a mission that could alter the destinies of those involved. Under the cloak of night, a group known as The Destined Host embarked on a perilous quest. Their mission was clear yet daunting: to intercept a crucial asset and safely bring it back to their extraction point. The journey was fraught with danger, the kind that tested the limits of their courage, wit, and loyalty to their cause.

As the night progressed, the group maneuvered through the eerie silence of the town, acutely aware of the eyes that might be watching from the shadows. Each step was calculated, with the gravity of their task weighing heavily on their shoulders. The journey was not without its trials—unexpected challenges lurked around every corner, pushing The Destined Host to the brink. Yet, amidst this backdrop of adversity, the group's resolve shone brilliantly. Their unwavering determination and skillful maneuvers saw them through the darkest hours of the night, leading them to a triumphant conclusion. As dawn broke over the horizon, marking the end of their harrowing ordeal, The Destined Host emerged victorious, having successfully completed their mission against all odds. Their victory was not just a testament to their bravery and strategic prowess but also a beacon of hope for their cause, forever etching this night into the annals of their storied legacy.
-The Destined Host's operation in Brasilia, Brazil

In the chill of an early morning near District 82, under a sky brooding with dark storm clouds, a tense scenario unfolds. The quiet village becomes a battleground as Autumn and Harriet, alongside Meridith, find themselves ensnared in a gritty confrontation against the formidable Golden Shadow mercenaries and enigmatic Destined Host soldiers. Harriet, with unwavering focus, unleashes the devastating power of her rifle against the sleek armored adversaries, while Meridith, ever the skilled marksman, supports with well-placed shots that often spark off the mercenary armor without finding its mark. The clash is intense, with each participant charging and recharging, the air thick with the anticipation of victory or defeat. Autumn's mysterious initial chant and a puff of black smoke seem almost a prelude to the chaos that ensues.

As the skirmish drags on, Meridith and Harriet demonstrate a remarkable synergy, their actions a ballet of strategic offense and defense, punctuated by the whistling of arrows and the thunderous report of Harriet's rifle. Autumn, finding her rhythm, decisively moves to secure the designated area amidst the ensuing melee. Despite the persistent threat from the swiftly fading mercenaries, Autumn remains unfazed, her determination mirrored by Harriet's vigilant cover fire. The battlefield is rife with moments of close quarters combat, where steel meets steel in a dance as old as time, and yet, amidst this deadly dance, there's a constant undercurrent of strategic withdrawal and advance as the objective remains paramount. The alliance's efforts culminate in Autumn's relentless push towards securing the area, a testament to their unwavering resolve and tactical acumen. In the end, despite the formidable opposition and the myriad challenges, the Virtuous Extremists Alliance emerges victorious, their victory a beacon of their resilience, strategy, and the unyielding bond among allies.
-The Golden Shadow's operation in District 82

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