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Welcome to Haven, a small, innocuous New England town near the coast and only a short commute from Boston. Nestled amongst the forests and not far from the coast the town is home to average townies and university students, but attracts its share of campers and boaters.

It also happens to be the weakpoint between worlds, where creatures of myth and folklore creep across. Drawing a large number of supernatural beings, it is protected and fought over by secret societies.

In order to play, connect the telnet client (MUSHclient / CMUD / MUDlet) of your choice to havenrpg.net:3000

Please be mature and responsible.

Any player is free to use or share any intellectual property of this game including lore and gameplay systems in any way they wish, in whole or in part without limits or attribution.(This does not include anything created by a player)

In News

In the ethereal mirror of Boston within the Nightmare, a tense and relentless battle unfolded over the control of a powerful psychic artifact known as 'The Key'. Korina, with her steel claws and swift arrows, and Fayad, wielding a redwood spear, faced off against mercenaries of the Golden Shadow. The mercenaries, decked in sleek tactical gear, were determined to secure the artifact for their own nefarious purposes. The combat was fierce, with each participant demonstrating skill and determination. Korina's arrows flew, missing their mark but sparking against the ground, while Fayad's spearwork parried incoming stabs with precision. Despite their efforts, the artifact's promise of power to manipulate destiny fueled the Golden Shadow's relentless assault.

As the battle raged, the spectral guardians known as Eidolon Wraiths, rumored to be immune to conventional weapons, did not make an appearance, leaving the fighters to their own devices and strategies. Korina's claws glowed red with heat as she unleashed a flurry of slashes and arrows, her attacks filled with a desperate intensity. Fayad, too, fought valiantly, his armor absorbing the brutal impacts of the mercenaries' relentless stabs. Yet, the tide of battle turned inexorably against them. Despite their best efforts, the mercenaries' numbers and skill overwhelmed the defenders. Korina and Fayad, battered and bruised, faded from the Nightmare, their mission to secure the artifact unfulfilled. In the end, the Golden Shadow emerged victorious, the fate of the powerful psychic artifact—and indeed, the very fabric of destiny—now resting in their hands, for better or worse.
-The Golden Shadow's operation in Boston, Massachusetts

Fayad's venture to the hospital to visit Savannah, who was mauled by a werewolf, quickly turns south when he encounters state police officers interested in questioning him. Initially, his attempts to explain his presence with a bouquet of flowers for his girlfriend sound suspicious, leading to a confrontation about a misunderstanding involving Fayed in a money laundering investigation connected to the community center, not the hospital. Despite declaring his innocence and financial struggles, Fayad finds himself hauled in for booking. However, thanks to a solid defense from the state attorney and a mysterious call from the mayor, he is released without charge, only to return to the hospital, hopeful but still caught up in his turbulent Haven life.

The story then transitions to another night in Haven on Sidney Way, where Astrid, under the influence of an unknown perpetrator's mind control, attempts a mugging inspired by a twisted Robinhood logic. Her actions trigger a chaotic response from Freya, who transforms into a hybrid wolf, and Matthew, caught between concern and confusion. Freya's transformation and dominance over Astrid reveal the presence of a vampire's influence on her, stirring the predator in Freya. Despite Matthew's suggestion to hunt down the vampire perpetrator on Devilwood Street, Freya decides against causing more trouble, warning the group about the dangers of the full moon. The three decide to head back, with Astrid and Matthew reflecting on the perils of being unprepared on such a night, underlining Freya's struggle with her werewolf nature and the complex web of supernatural influences in Haven.
-Fayad's odd encounter(SRMorgan)

In the cold, stormy morning of Sydney, a chaotic battle unfolds as various factions clash over a potent relic tied to a forgotten demi-god. The relic, hidden within an unassuming antique store, draws factions into a vicious struggle, turning the city into a battlefield of magic and might. Among the chaos, individuals like Autumn, Freya—a hybrid wolf—Morgan, and Fayad emerge, each with their own allegiances and motives. An intense exchange ensues, with attacks dodged and parried amidst the freezing conditions that seemed alien to Sydney's usual climate. Freya, in her thick coat of fur, questions alliances, revealing the complexity of the conflict. Autumn, not fighting for Gonthorian as she claims, fades out early from the fight, while Dean, another wolf, engages fiercely but ultimately also fades from the nightmare.

The battle swirls around the acquisition of the relic, with its possession shifting rapidly amid violence. Morgan manages to seize it but is overwhelmed and fades out, handing over the chance of victory to others. The massive clay golem, commanded by Tabitha, becomes momentarily a focal point, holding the relic before also being taken out. Freya, now possessing the relic, fights valiantly against a horde of Destined Host soldiers, her form blending ferocity and desperation. Fayad, trying to support and rally, fails to manage a significant counter as the Destined Host soldiers rain down shots and stabs, wearing down the resistance. In a tragic turn, even as Freya snarls and rips into her enemies, the relentless assault overwhelms her. Fayad, last to stand, fires ineffectively, his shots missing their mark as he too fades from the nightmare. Against all odds, the Destined Host emerges victorious, claiming the powerful relic and casting a shadow over the city's future. The battle in Sydney ends not with the triumph of heroes, but with the somber victory of the Destined Host, marking a dark day in the ongoing struggle for power.
-The Destined Host's operation in Sydney, Australia

On a humid night at the Arkwright Cemetery, amidst a haunting piano melody, Korina and Fayad confront a trio of ghostly apparitions, each bearing weapons from another era. Fayad, who is initially ensnared by the supernatural entities and subjected to their torment, including ghostly bullets that cause pain but leave no visible injuries, relies on his magical pendant to create a protective heat haze around him. Amidst this chaos, Jordan arrives, anxious and overwhelmed, only to find themselves caught up in the fray alongside Fayad and Korina. As the spectral assailants continue their assault, Korina, wielding magic of her own, attempts to banish them with a ritual circle of light, while Fayad summons a small dragon figurine enchanted with an elemental spirit to aid in their defense.

The battle intensifies when one of the ghosts materializes behind Fayad, delivering a paralyzing stab that leaves him twitching on the ground. Despite their initial panic, Jordan begins to take a more active role in attempting to assist Fayad, pulling him towards safety. Korina, showing a rare hint of impatience, urges them to focus as her ritual nears completion. Through a combination of Korina's light-based magic, Fayad's enchanted dragon, and Jordan’s reluctant assistance, the group manages to navigate the terrifying ordeal. Yet, as they grapple with the spectral foes, it becomes clear that their fight is as much about survival as it is about understanding the mysterious forces that have converged upon them at the cemetery.
-Fayad's ghost banishing

In the tumultuous night of Haven, under the influence of the waxing gibbous moon and amidst the cacophony of chaos, Morgan, a centenarian werewolf finds herself embroiled in an unexpected confrontation. Amidst her attempts to maintain control due to her heightened state of inebriation, the escalating violence outside lures her into the open. Despite her better judgment, Morgan decides to investigate a nearby disturbance, which is signified by alarming noises and a fire, indicating potential havoc unleashed by a figure known as The Golden Shadow. This entity, hired to sow discord within the town by exploiting existing supernatural phenomena, forces Morgan out from the relative safety of her confines towards the source of turmoil. Upon her arrival, she encounters a half-bear, half-man creature, which seems intent on causing destruction, its sights set on breaching a local's home.

The subsequent clash between Morgan and the bear-man is fierce and primal, pitting Morgan’s lupine agility and experience against the brute force of her adversary. Despite the toll taken on her body, exacerbated by her initial reluctance to shift forms due to her aversion to reverting to her wolf state, Morgan engages the bear-man in a desperate bid to protect the town. The skirmish, marked by a ferocious exchange of might and mettle, ultimately concludes with the bear-man retreating into the darkness of the forest, leaving Morgan in a battered but defiant stance. This encounter underscores not only the physical toll of such spontaneous confrontations but also highlights Morgan's unwavering resolve to safeguard her town against threats, even if it means facing the very essence of what she fears becoming. With the bear-man's withdrawal, Morgan achieves a pyrrhic victory, her spirit undefeated but her body bearing the indelible scars of battle, a testament to her indomitable will and the unceasing turmoil that plagues Haven.
-Morgan's odd encounter(SRSilas)

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