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Welcome to Haven, a small, innocuous New England town near the coast and only a short commute from Boston. Nestled amongst the forests and not far from the coast the town is home to average townies and university students, but attracts its share of campers and boaters.

It also happens to be the weakpoint between worlds, where creatures of myth and folklore creep across. Drawing a large number of supernatural beings, it is protected and fought over by secret societies.

In order to play, connect the telnet client (MUSHclient / CMUD / MUDlet) of your choice to havenrpg.net:3000

Please be mature and responsible.

Any player is free to use or share any intellectual property of this game including lore and gameplay systems in any way they wish, in whole or in part without limits or attribution.(This does not include anything created by a player)

In News

Ethan's lonely pursuit in the historic district of Haven leads to a grim discovery: a secretive gathering of werewolves in the forest, surrounding human victims laid out for what appears to be a morbid feast. Clad in his Templar gear and armed with silenced weaponry and specialized anti-shifter tools, Ethan witnesses the scene with silent disdain. Tension mounts as another werewolf approaches, noticing Ethan and signaling a potential confrontation amidst the sound of snapping twigs and the chilling wind of the night. As Ethan prepares to face the new threat, an eruption of violence within the werewolf group brings chaos, seeing them turn on the victims and each other in a frenzied bloodbath.

In the heat of the sudden chaos, the lone werewolf attacks Ethan. Despite a valiant effort and a missed shot with his pistol that could revert the creature to human form, Ethan is pressed against a tree by the powerful beast. A tactical blow to the wolf's nose gives Ethan a moment's reprieve, allowing him to deploy tear gas between them and ready his knife for close combat. The fight is viscous and the wolf is persistent, but Ethan's resilience and precise stabs finally end the assault as he lands a fatal blow. The remaining pack is gone, leaving Ethan with the corpse of the once feral creature, which reverts to human form upon death. Now, Ethan alone must process the aftermath of this harrowing encounter under the silent watch of the moon and trees.
-Ethan's odd encounter(SRLuna)

In the bustling lobby of the Institute, Zenith, a young woman troubled by hallucinations and trauma, finds herself engaged in conversation with a nervous girl named Marie, who is also waiting for therapy. Marie, plagued by the presence of a silent, ghostly observer, confides in Zenith, asking if she sees the apparition too. As Zenith empathizes with her new acquaintance, a sudden drop in temperature marks the beginning of something sinister. Zenith, no longer in control of her actions, speaks with a voice not her own, threatening to abandon Marie's body in favor of death once more. In a chilling turn of events, Zenith attempts to slap Marie, but she manages to restrain herself partially thanks to her inner strength.

As the situation escalates, Zenith is forced to stab her own hand with a pencil, the sharpened tip piercing her skin as the specter exerts its will over her. Marie, armed with a book on banishing evil, hurriedly searches for a spell to repel the invader. Despite the snickers and doubts from onlookers, Marie persists, attempting to chant a banishing incantation, while Zenith, fighting her own body, feels the faculty of the Institute starting to intervene. The dramatic possession culminates with staff members tackling Zenith and escorting Marie away, urging the gathered crowd to disperse. In the aftermath, Zenith is left with a throbbing hand, a pulsing headache, and a stern warning from the Institute staff, all while Marie's fearful exclamation echoes through the halls: "She's still here!" indicating the angry spirit remains unvanquished and restless.
-Zenith's odd encounter(SRTabitha)

In the bustling reception lobby of the Union, where the fusion of two imposing structures created more than a simple building, life thrived. A plaza in spirit and function, it was the core of activity for the diverse community connected to the Institute. People from different walks of life mingled as they navigated through administrative offices, communal spaces like the lunchroom and bookstore, and the all-important library. The Union was not just a hub for the Institute, but a vital part of the local town, with residents frequently passing through, their visits unfettered by the eagle-eyed security.

It was a day of ordinary coolness, the air holding at an unobtrusive 50 degrees Fahrenheit, when Zenith, one of the local Deputies from the Haven Sheriff’s Department, found herself in the midst of the plaza’s daily rhythm. Known for their role in both school security and community outreach, deputies like Zenith were a common, reassuring presence.

Zenith, caught in a moment of light-heartedness, was emblematic of the integration between the Institute's internal community and the world outside. Her nodding and chuckling represented a bridge between the authority she wielded and the people she served. It was more than a gesture; it was symbolic of the trust and mutual respect afforded to the deputies by the people who frequented the Union. Through her, the day’s mundane moments were marked by a sense of peace and a gentle reminder of the interconnectedness of their lives.

As hours passed and the plaza's vibrant energy persisted, Zenith's presence was a constant, softly underscoring the safety and harmony within the walls of the Union. Her quiet interactions, the subtle nods, and gentle chortles woven through the day, painted a picture of a community held together by more than just physical structures. Instead, it was connected by shared experiences, mutual support, and the unspoken understanding between those serving and those being served.

The story concluded with the end of a typical day at the Union, its daily role as a gateway, a meeting place, and a crossroads unfurling without incident under the vigilant care of deputies like Zenith. Her day was filled with small, meaningful exchanges that, while they may have seemed inconsequential, were the threads that bound the intricate tapestry of campus life. Zenith’s chuckle faded into the evening buzz, a tacit affirmation of the day's peaceful coexistence and the hope for similar days to come.
-The Diary of Prudence Crugott(SRTabitha)

In a foreboding forest perched on a cliffside in upstate New York, a group composed of Owen, Jett, Asa, and Lanie sets out on a darkly grim mission. Their goal? To infiltrate a hidden laboratory said to be used for the sinister purpose of blood farming, catering to a particularly insatiable vampire.

Upon arrival, Owen, haunted by deja vu, fearfully recognizes the corrupted natural landscape from a past nightmare experience. The group descends a hazardous cliff via rope, with Asa boldly leaping and calling upon the wind to ensure his safe landing. Below, they find themselves squeezed into a nook that unveils the entrance to the dreaded facility.

Their entry into the lair is heralded by the violent death of a lab-coated individual, victim to Owen's gun, Asa's archery, and a surprisingly serendipitous shot by Jett, which ricochets and finds its mark in the man's temple. Yet, their act of aggression triggers the facility's alarm system. Amidst the wailing sirens, Asa attempts to free one of the pod-restrained victims only to be met with a gruesome scene—a liquefied human—a haunting result of the vampire's grotesque practices.

As the group navigates through the maze-like corridors of the facility, they stumble upon yet another harrowing sight: a red-headed vampire in the midst of feasting on a young man. In cold command of the situation, the team synergistically unleashes a barrage of lethal projectiles: arrows, bullets, and even Lanie's thrown knife. To their horror, but not surprise, the vampire is too preoccupied with her prey to evade the attacks, resulting in her instantaneous disintegration into ash upon death.

While the group stands alert, the ground trembles beneath them—an ominous sign of the unknown dangers that still lurk within, and possibly beyond, the steely bowels of this vampiric sanctum. They know their mission is far from over, and more bloodshed awaits as they continue to confront the cruel heart of darkness that lies hidden in the depths of the dark forest.

In the grim setting of a contested New York warehouse, the Disciples of Abraham and their allies are engaged in a fierce battle against the Cult of the Falling Star, with the end times looming heavily over all. Kylia nimbly dodges bullets while exchanging fire, the guards' shots sparking off the ground as she skillfully parries a stabbing attempt with her hunting knife. Meanwhile, Harriet steadies her rifle, firing shots that fail to meet their mark as she maneuvers toward a container for better positioning. Sarah, deciphering the emerging pattern of the Sapphire Martyrs' involvement, questions their recurring presence with a mix of frustration and resolve. As they continue to advance, Harriet narrowly escapes being hit, and the group is left pondering the strength of their enemies as figures clad in urban combat gear begin to fade from the frontline of the nocturnal clash.

The pivotal moment unfolds as Carmine declares her intention to focus on the security system, prompting a strategic realignment of the team's resources. Harriet, after ensuring her own safety, returns fire from her vantage point, taking out a persistent guard. Sarah launches a barrage at the container, strategically causing damage, while avoiding Harriet's retaliative shots. The tension escalates as Carmine fends off a falling star guard with expert parries, and the security system hacking progresses amid the chaos. The strategic withdrawal of their opponents gives Carmine the opportunity she needs to finalize the upload of a virus that will compromise the warehouse security. In a concluding surge, the Autocratic Moderates Alliance emerges victoriously, a testament to their determination and tactical acumen amidst the apocalyptic threats enveloping the city.
-The Disciples of Abraham's operation in New York, New York

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