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RE: Dead Game - Kestrel - 03-16-2018

Whoa, dude.

That's one bomb looking cheesecake. That description of how the raspberry coulis is made had me drooling.

Like it's a shame it's made out of breast milk, but I bet it'd taste divine made out of soft, sweet cashew cream.

Do you use the oreo cream in the cooking? Like I bet you could use the cookie halves for the crust and then do something else with the cream, even though that sounds like a massive pain to separate and prepare. Also having tried making things with oreo cream dip before, I find it too sweet and a bit disappointing compared to like, coconut whip or cashew cream or a variety of other sweet things.

I give that cheesecake an 8/10 on presentation/description. (9/10 if it were vegan).

Crayola apparently knows how to bake a fucking cake.

RE: Dead Game - Stacie - 03-16-2018

(03-16-2018, 10:42 AM)Kestrel Wrote: [...] breast milk [...]

At first, I was thinking, "That's weird." And then I understood.

RE: Dead Game - Kestrel - 03-16-2018

(It’s very weird.)

RE: Dead Game - Stacie - 03-17-2018

Was Tyr's event tonight successful at breathing some life into the game?

RE: Dead Game - Tigerlily - 03-17-2018

I look forward to seeing where it goes. It was definitely fun!

RE: Dead Game - SubtleBeast - 03-17-2018

I enjoyed it.

RE: Dead Game - Dev - 03-20-2018

i'm really craving this now. thanks i hate it

RE: Dead Game - Leah - 03-22-2018

(03-11-2018, 07:48 AM)Ama86 Wrote: What puzzles me the most is that when staff engages in discussions about what could work better for the game, they routinely disagree with anything that isn't "everything's fine as it is, change nothing." Something obviously isn't working, but there's too much protectiveness. Every suggestion gets shot down. That's not very encouraging. If there's a 5.0 this summer, I hope some serious lessons are learned from 4.0.

Am I the only one who sees the incredible irony in the posts that followed this one?

RE: Dead Game - Kestrel - 04-06-2018

I've been trying to get back into Haven lately but it really is completely dead. It's not just the fact that there are barely more than ten people online, but I feel like player culture has also declined. People don't care to roleplay in public, and when they do, it so often feels like they're trying to just get it over and done with.

If you join a society, have a look at society report event list; you'll note that even where the opportunity for intrigue is handed to people on a silver platter, they still don't bother to roleplay. No one bothers with diplomacy on diplomacy patrols, no one bothers with arcane mysticism on arcane patrols, even warfare patrols often involve people just standing around going, 'So uh, this is awkward. Looks like the game randomly decided we have to fight each other. I'm not here on purpose or anything. Well alright, guess we should get this over with so that we can go back to whatever we were doing before, sorry guy, I don't really want to steal your life-force or anything.' Last time I saw an arcane patrol on the list, it involved someone getting struck by lightning and their reaction was basically, 'Ugh, lightning. How annoying. Always happens on arcane patrols.' Operations are similarly RP-free, and rarely have more than one person attending. Even when there are more, the point seems mostly to get the combat over and done with so they can get their resources and call it a day. I've seen more and better RP in an IRE arena event.

Aside from that it seems like people are just here to grind their karma, running their routine encounters and tapping out as soon as they hit karma cap. Or if they're playing monsters they're just grinding for a living nightmare, so they take whatever twink stat lets them avoid conflict for as long as possible, zip around the grid during the early morning hours, and then just kill anyone brave/stupid enough to try and RP with them.

Calendar/destiny mechanisms see no/little use. The only person I've seen using the 'lure' command is whoever's super into that Game of Thrones dreamworld — but I'd rather be playing Arx, for that.

The only public RP that seems to be happening is at the Lodge or some other public-coffee-shop-of-the-week. Haven feels a bit more like an IRC social hub these days than anything resembling a horror game. At times it almost feels like people are actually going out of their way to be as deliberately uninspired as possible. When there are so many fascinating locations to set an interesting scene in, why choose the Lodge?

There are many things that could be causing this decline, from gamist incentivisation to simulationist design and player culture. No doubt before 4.0 is done I might compile a list of ideas to tackle them, but for the moment, all I can do is unequivocally concur that there is a problem, and that it goes far beyond a natural flux in activity levels.

RE: Dead Game - Flincher14 - 04-06-2018

Forcing all the underaged characters into the academy then ignoring them entirely was a million times worse than outright banning characters under 18. Why? Cause when these players realize they were screwed they dont generally make a new charcter.

I would like to note that in 3.0 the OPTIONAL academy worked better.