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RE: Dead Game - Thrace - 04-12-2018

(04-12-2018, 06:37 AM)Flincher14 Wrote: There isn't anything wrong with 20-30 players, lots of games would kill for those numbers...But those numbers only work when you make Haven and the spheres smaller.

You are absolutely right. Many text games would kill for those numbers. But like you stated, we'd have to make everything smaller. Like Societies? Might need hard cap to total members. Maybe five or six max. The big Three? Maybe hard cap it at ten. Academy? Integrate it with college more, the past Academy was very open about what they wanted to do -and- let them perform truancy at a risk, which balanced out well. I'm saying integrate them because I checked and I don't see the numbers in Academy. Come on. I admire Fidget who has been a trooper in that sense. But seriously, let them commit truancy. Let them learn real stuff like College students or something. Honestly I don't know. I'm just soit balling suggestions and I hope others have better ones then mines. But yes we really should decrease the spheres and tighten them a bit. That way people don't feel like they are in a solitary island while others don't have to put with a shit ton of members that actually aren't even active.

RE: Dead Game - Leah - 04-12-2018

(04-11-2018, 02:22 AM)Ouroboros Wrote: overly attached ex-players 


RE: Dead Game - Thrace - 04-12-2018

(04-12-2018, 08:11 AM)Leah Wrote:
(04-11-2018, 02:22 AM)Ouroboros Wrote: overly attached ex-players 


C'mon Leah. Play nice. We are trying to be the change and leave our toxic shells behind.

Also your siggy is 100% true.

RE: Dead Game - Leah - 04-12-2018

I'm just messing with Crayon he is my bff

RE: Dead Game - Thrace - 04-15-2018

This last society information painted a bleak picture. Very bleak. I saw a lot of: no one <task> While I don't see eye to eye with Kestrel, I think they are right. Societies are literally not doing anything. I only saw a small smattering of activities performed by only a few societies. Hell normally two or three societies dominate the tasks list. I don't want to be on the following boat but it seems like pwiping to 5.0 is all that can be done.

What bothers me is that Tyr placed wonderful things for Rping like Destinies and Crisis. Perhaps they came a little too late?

Again from several players it seems Secrecy is the real issue. The amount of grinding required when your secrecy takes hits seems to be pretty sizable. Thus turning something fun into a chore.

RE: Dead Game - Caboose - 04-16-2018

TBH I think quietly moving onto 5.0 and pretending 4.0 never happened would be what's best for the numbers. There is a lot of... "Okay, that is a great thing you did... but it's too late" going on for 4.0. Such as cauterizing wounds(really late on that one.) Destinies. Lures. Me, I'm okay with whatever. It's a unique MUD to me and I'll stick and support the staff in any way I can. Sadly, though, none of this stuff matters to the majority. Hence, well, you've seen them quit. 5.0 will probably bring 'em back though. Maybe.

RE: Dead Game - Fidget - 04-24-2018

Wait... I count 13 names there, how do you get 10 out of 13?

RE: Dead Game - Leah - 04-24-2018

I will be honest with you

And I hate to admit this because it has been my biggest secret.

Leah and Notleah are the same person

It's me.

RE: Dead Game - Leah - 04-24-2018

You can rest assured that I'm not Tyr

Or we'd still be playing HAVEN 1.0 BAYBEEEEEE

RE: Dead Game - Leah - 04-24-2018

As long as your ugly idiot cousin doesn't SMOKE ALL MY BLUNTS we coo