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Seriously why the fuck? - HarassedAbused - 04-26-2018

I did NOTHING WRONG. I broke NO RULES. Then Jill is now suddenly removed from RP and locked out of entering commands for being a legitimate character because ADMINS DO NOT HANDLE AN IC SITUATION IN AN IC WAY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! THE ONLY RULE I EVER BROKE IS THE ONE ABOUT NOT HAVING MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS AND ONLY AFTER BEING HARASSED AND ABUSED LIKE THIS! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?! I CAM TO THIS MUD TWO DAYS AGO TO PLAY A MUD I THOUGHT WAS COOL AND NOW I FIND OUT IT'S JUST A FUCKED UP TRAP TO LURE INNOCENT PEOPLE IN AND HARASS THEM FOR NO REASON?! If you can't tell, the ChocolatePineapple is a little mad about this right now but I will probably get over it after I have sent logs of all your harassment of me and abuse of me to every administrator of every mud listing site to have Haven permanently banned from all listing sites.

RE: Seriously why the fuck? - Discordance - 04-26-2018

If you want to play Haven, don't do this. You can play only for as long as you aren't being RG. The moment you become RG, you will be removed every time.

Tomorrow or maybe next week, reread this. Remember all the nonsensical accounts you've created to conceal your identity or spam OOC and the forum. Don't do these things. Doing these things attracts attention. You do not want attention. Attention gets you banned.