Environmentally Conscious People
If you've been ditching plastic straws (well done), this is nonetheless a very important read.
We should also ditch companies utilizing scheduled obsoletion whose products use massive amounts of plastic and toxic metals but here we are on laptops we'll replace in a year pretending we're supervillains

Also, Ryan Gosling said it best:

Get that straw out of your mouth, Cal, you look like you're sucking on a tiny schvantz.


Something I've found interesting for a few years is that pseudo-environmentalists are always like FUK LITTERING but when you consider it, littering is probably better for the earth than trusting the trash companies who burn and ship out to ocean millions of pounds of reusable and recyclable waste every year. Clearly reusing or recycling is the best option, but I think littering might actually beat out throwing stuff in the garbage. It just makes our living places ugly instead of killing ocean wildlife / birds / insects / etc. on a monumental scale.
Apple laptops last me a decade on average.

Then again apple headphones last me like three months at most.

There's a difference between 'environmentalists' who care mostly about their personal living space and environmentalists who care about like, the actual planet.

It's pretty common for climate-change deniers to still care about littering or want to save their local green spaces. I wouldn't call this environmentalism so much as stewardship. Although that said I don't think there's anything wrong with both.

If you're littering in a forest or on a beach, that's a different story. Don't do that, that's pollution.

I still don't litter in cities though because I wasn't born in a fucking barn.
Hey! We don’t litter in barns either! @Kestrel

Owning long lasting plastic things isn’t bad. Take care of the items and they can last a lifetime. Plastic is a terrible disease on the world, but some genius folks have found ways to recycle and reuse plastic items. Some examples are people weaving plastic bags into cushioned floor mats for homeless shelters, stringing plastic bottles together for rafts, people use it as a form of insulation, and using thinker plastic items for accent furniture or plant pots. It doesn’t all need to be sitting in a landfill or ocean.

After the Fourth of July, some volunteers went down one of our local beaches and picked up healing five foot tall piles of trash, fireworks boxes, broken beach chairs, etc. It was appalling and the people who abandoned all that should have it shoved in various orifaces so they know what it’s like for wildlife to be trapped in it.

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