[split from An Opinion, with Caution] I disagree with Disco's modding Invictus edition
(12-23-2018, 09:56 AM)Discordance Wrote:
(12-23-2018, 05:08 AM)Invictus Wrote: Make your break a permanent one. Leave this game behind.
If you give anyone any more advice like this, I will ban you from the forum for no less than six months.  This is your only warning.  It is being delivered as a warning only because I believe that you did not deliver it with ill-intent.
I will not discriminate in the future.

Duly noted. Though, I recommend changing the forum rules to reflect this. According to what you posted in Announcements Under 'Forum Rules' it reads as such:

"All posters must obey the rules set in game.

Please familiarize yourself with the rules, OOC rules, and griefing helpfiles."

So. I did. I familiarized myself with the game rules, ooc rules, and griefing. The advice that I gave was not even remotely breaking any of the 8 OOC rules that by your post in the Announcements Subthread insinuates that we should follow here in the forums.

1) I did not oocly discuss or give out any ic information with the advice that I gave.

2) I didn't attempt to oocly influence another player's IC behavior with the advice that I gave.

3) I did not discuss any matter that was not already publicly known about my current character with the advice that I gave.

4) I did not oocly script any sort of in game event with the advice that I gave.

5) I did not reveal the alts, story runners, or immortals of another player with the advice that I gave.

6) I did not make assertions about another player based off of speculation with the advice that I gave.

7) Nor did I break any rule regarding the friend list with the advice that I gave,

8) I did not respond to any anonymous feedback oocly with the advice that I gave.

If my desire to see Daed's mental health improve by encouraging him to remove a toxic situation from his life that I'm pretty sure doesn't pay him to stay is a bad thing, then instead of arbitrarily throwing out threats and warnings about 'banning' people from the forums, try instead updating your clearly out of date post on what the forum rules are, and maybe add a 9th rule that says: 

9) Don't publicly encourage anyone to leave this toxic game.
This is a violation of the griefing guidelines and is being identified as an OOC attack. Daed is an adult and is capable of taking care of himself. You are using this opportunity to further an agenda and spread views that you already held prior to current events.

Desist or lose posting privileges.
I'm familiar with the griefing guidelines, and no, this is not a violation nor is it an OOC attack, since I'm not oocly attacking anyone. You even agreed I wasn't oocly attacking anyone when you said, "What I said was said without ill-intent."

But whatever-- I honestly can't be bothered to care. If you want to police my words, or say that I'm saying something I'm not saying based on your bias, then feel free. I respect your opinion, however wrong it may be.

Much love apathetic tolerance, Disco.
I don't. Discordance is protecting players under her sphere of authority by dissuading other players from the havenrpg.net version of "kill urself lel" -- I think you were more dropping shock value bombs you don't actually mean to make a point than actually telling Daed to quit, but language is a volatile thing. In any event, Daed's myriad foibles do not make him a net detriment to Haven, nor do Haven's myriad problems have a net detrimental affect on Daed. You take his self-vindicating victimposting too seriously.

It's not really your place or even an appropriate scenario to tell Daed in particular, but really anyone, to quit this MUD you have little to no part in. I think Disco has been more than lenient about this.
Remember Roisin ♥

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