Advice for the RG
We all have something in common here: We like playing Haven. At least sometimes. Next time you return--because I do see an imminent ban what with the big red adddescs and CAPS rants and I'm sure other stuff that's been going on--Just own yourself. 

Just return, don't ask questions you already know the answer to, don't pretend to be new. Just say "Yeah I'm <name>, you have been calling me RG for 10 years, let's just play the game" and see how it works. People don't like being misled, people don't like playing "is it RG" and if we skip this step, people are surer to trust you and treat you better and give you more effort in their RP.

If what truly lights you up is the way people treat you, this will help. We all treat each other pretty shitty sometimes, though, so be prepared for that. I think the levels are lower than what you experience at peak anti-RG times so maybe you can tough that out like the rest of us try to.

Take some insight from the forgive and forget thread. Some people are over what's gone on in the past, and some people will need some indication of effort. You're kind of the pariah here so the first step is on you.

As shaky as the history is, you're a part of the game (and the community) too. Just be that. Some of us are happy to RP with you. I always do. But the newbie faking and the spamming and the traded ooc antagonism has to stop, and you have to stop first. Whether it's fair or not, that's what it is. That's the stuff that gets you troll reported in the first place and begins the "I found a bug where I can't communicate, imms stop ignoring me!" cycle.

It's 100x easier to just be cool than pretend to be a newbie every time you come back, and you get to play the game to its fullest without refraining from using code you "haven't learned yet" so give it a shot.

Enjoy the game!
Enjoy the game,

Leah the Newbie Helper

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