Haven Pickup Lines
All credit goes to Tempest for the idea for the thread!

Post your best (and worst) Haven pickup lines here, both ones that could work IC, and OOC meta ones!

The thread-inspiring quote from Tempest:

"Is that a mirror in your pants? Because I want to get out of this nightmare."

Here are some of mine:

"Babe, are you a Tyrant? Because you're making me red."
"Boy, are you Haven on the weekends? Because I have a feeling you're gonna go down on me."
"Girl, I must be a shapeshifter, because you got me dropping my clothes."
"Babe, are you the metaplot? Because everyone wants to be in you."
"Call me Felix, because you make me want to replicate myself."
"Baby, what's your archetype? Because you're a natural!"

EDIT: I don't know if this thread will catch on or not, but if it does, please try to refrain from making passive-aggressive attacks disguised as pick-up lines. I don't want to see it degenerating like the meme thread. I know that's not within my control, but it would make me sad. Please don't make me sad!
"Hello, I'm a character."
"Nice sudden ritual sexchange, wanna fuck?"

This one goes out to Buck. Big Grin

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