Karma buy personal
I've recently discovered an issue with pulling characters from Stasis that requires you to have the exact personal karma that you spend on creating the character free. Now with the 40k maximum personal, and the 25/15 split this can end up potentially meaning that you have say 25k personal karma invested into a t2 that you're playing on grid, meaning that if you wish to pull a character out of stasis that also had 25k personal karma invested into them. you're screwed, regardless of how much other karma you might have sitting on your account.

Easy solution to this would be if you can use karma to buy personal, up to a value of 10k

  karma buy (xpcap/rpxpcap/experience/rpexperience/influence/respect/cash)  (karma to spend)

Just add it into this process at an exchange of 1:1 to a maximum of 10k, and make it irreversible which would allow for your character to have a total of 50k personal and solve the issues of personal karma caps.
Or, and I know this is a radical solution, we could just require total karma to be at the level of the stasised character instead of personal. That personal karma is required is asinine in and of itself here and I'd rather see that requirement changed with a more encompassing solution.

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