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Thread Template

Description Type: multi-room or unique

Sector Type: (building/field/shallow water/deep water/forest/sidewalk/street/dirt/tunnel/etc)

Surrounding Areas: Nearby features and locations

<Image of location map if available>

  • Feature_1:  Elaboration
  • Feature_2:  Elaboration
  • Area: Explanation of the area's role and feeling it is meant to evoke.
Response Example

Name: the tomato stakes

Full Name: `cAmidst the `rT`Romato `yStakes `cat the Edge of Moore's Woods on `WTranquility `yFarm`x

Sector Type: dirt

Special characteristics: none

Rows of wooden posts form the wild cherry tomato cropfields, the stalks
growing around them, bearing bright red fruit most often in the spring or
summer.  Through the stalks to the north, you can see the massive red barn
looming over the area, dwarfed only by the silo behind it and the lighthouse
in the distance.  During autumn, the tomatoes are smaller, and at the winter
time, the tomatoes are dried and the stalks withered and brown.

Extras: none

Places: none

Exits: North, East, South, West, Up, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest

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