[Institute] Blackfield Union Computer Hall
Description Type: One Room

Sector Type: Building

Surrounding Areas: The Blackfield Union [Public]

[Image: 07130daa02.jpg]

  • Feature 1:  The computer lab should have a codedly joinable 'computer' place, for purposes of hacking and chatroom use and whatnot.
  • Feature 2:  The room should be one of the good signal rooms on the Institute that allows communication through the great firewall.
  • Area: Over the past 3 years players have made computer labs, but there's never been a real one on the campus. We did have a space in the Lab building (unused lecture hall beta) that we pretended was a computer lab, but it got turned into something else. By having a foreboding computer lab in the Union building, we allow campus residents to have access to that technology rp; as well as providing a creepy place for Blackfield's nature to show for any exploring visitors. Plus, it's just odd that a Technical Institute doesn't have any sort of IT or computer space. This rectifies all of that.
  • This place on grid for the room is just some odd walled-in waste of space in the Union building. So it's not replacing anything by going there.
Name: the computer hall of the Blackfield union

Full Name: `cIn the `WComputer Hall `cof the `DBl`Ya`Dckf`Yi`Deld `WUnion`x

Sector Type: indoors / building

Special characteristics: good signal. Window to the west.

Thread-worn carpets stretch this corner of the Union building, smothering
the electrically humming technical hall in antiquated overtones. Special
Blackfield Group brand computers, a rarity on the open market, cramp and
stack on row after row of desk in various states of actual functionality.
A sign-in desk for the technician ambushes new arrivals, keeping track of
who comes and goes from the space and for how long they lingered here.

Extras: Computer Hall sign
| `R1.`W No homosexual pornography.     |
| `R2.`W No eating or drinking.         |
| `R3.`W No loud talking.               |
| `R4.`W Return headphones after use.   |

Places: a functional Blackfield computer

Quote:A black box in every sense of the phrase, the inner working of this machine is a mystery. Sudden ticks and pings come bubbling from inside the tower at random intervals. The monitor displays a garish yellow and black color schema for the operating system, TentaCOS.

Exits: North.

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