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Caelum Cross


Name: Caelum Cross
Age: 21.
Archetype: Human?
Relatable: "I have to remind myself to breathe -- almost to remind my heart to beat!"

Fall from Grace

A Catholic, through and through, but Haven is not the right place to foster such people, is it? There is a spiral there, of impressionable youth and recklessness that comes with it, easily enough to let one disappear in the worst of their vices.


He's almost always absent past midnight, usually out of town or elsewhere out of sight even if around. There is no telling when he'll show up or from where, but he's probably up to no good.

White Oak

Caelum is a student of the institute, a Criminology Major with a vested interest in forensic science. He keeps a spotless attendance record of every lecture regarding the subjects, from criminal investigation to victimology and serial crime. Never shy of debating on the topic.

Alexandrea Inigo

“My serial killer. An odd blessing in disguise. Terrible taste in people aside from me, of course.”


“These are my comments.”

A Character

“These are my comments.”

A Character