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Harlan Cole

Name: Harlan Cole

Archetype: Assistant Chaplain - Institute Staff

Faction: White Oak Institute

Occupation: Healer of Bodies and Souls



Born in a coal mining family in Kentucky, Harlan Cole famously found God in the reflection of a Coors can. Moved to heal the sick, he took medical training while on a mission in the Caribbean (never mind that the schools there are easier to get into) and is now working at the White Oak Institute to help everyone achieve their best potential.

+The Now+

Harlan is often found in the chapel or teaching biology.

RP Hooks

ø - As a preacher, Harlan can help you find God.

ø - As a snake oil-selling con man, Harlan can help you find whatever else you might need.


"He doesn't seem super wholesome, but at least he's not boring." - Sam

"Comment." - SaidPerson?