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Sarah Wilson

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Sarah Wilson


Sex: Female
Birth Date: 20/10/1992
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Researcher in Experimental Medicine
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwHpDOWhkGk

Supernatural Outlook

"I grew up with the supernatural. That I am one? That's just my birthright. Don't bother me with your morals or opinions, I've a world to change. You... You can go back to playing with dirt like all the other idiots. I have no patience for this."

"Where I fit in? Are you kidding me? At the top. Watch and see. Or join me. I recommend that."


"So I am a bit weaker. So what. I mean, it's annoying that I can't seem to do my research as well, or practice medicine as well. I suppose I can't call myself 'Doctor' right now either. But I am still better than all of these idiots. You - I like you though. Would you like a checkup?"

"Ah. Right. Victims. We call them sacrifices, where I am from."
"For what? Are you daft? For progress. For the future of intelligent life. Are you slow...?"

"...Would you like me to fix that?"

"Okay fine, you got the better of me there. I'll admit it. Maybe you're a little more clever than me. A little. In this context. You're brave, too. Want a cookie? Shame, don't have any. ...Now please let me go..."

"I am sorry, okay?"

What to expect

Scalpels, threats and, if you're a good subject for her, affection. Antagging her is fine too - just try to be mindful and don't kick over my sandcastle.

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