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Ashvale Manor

Ashvale Manor

Atop an imposing hill, Ashvale Manor stands in eerie isolation, its aged facade casting a solemn shadow over the encroaching meadows and the shrouded forests beyond. Legend whispers of the original manor's fiery demise at the hands of its enigmatic founder, only to resurrect itself brick by charred brick. A testament to the grandeur of a bygone era, the manor exudes an opulent elegance, each corner meticulously kept, every surface immaculate. Yet, an unsettling undercurrent lingers, as if a forgotten darkness seeps through the polished veneer and ornate wallpaper.

Venturing deeper into the labyrinthine halls, a palpable sense of foreboding descends like a shroud. The very air hums with a spectral energy, as though the veiled phantoms of the past find solace in the dimly lit corridors. Bewitched by the flickering dance of candlelight shadows, elusive apparitions flit on the periphery of vision, fleeting and elusive. Once the thriving center of a robust plantation, the manor now surrenders to the whispers of its own tragic history, its fate intertwined with the legacy of a wealthy yet debauched widow.

While ostensibly open to the public, a peculiar reluctance hangs in the air, dissuading all but the most intrepid from venturing beyond its gates. Curious visitors find themselves drawn inexorably to its threshold, only to discover the manor's unyielding grasp, where the count of those who enter rarely matches those who depart.


This dreamworld is homage to Haven 5.0's The Mansion. While this dreamworld focuses more on the paranormal, there is still an overtone of a harsh social hierarchy between the lower and higher classes. Sex and sexual scenarios are allowed, but should be used less frequently as other themes.

TL;DR: This is a haunted house. There is a general feeling of danger and foreboding at every turn. Apparitions and even monsters are known to appear without warning. No one is safe. Expect the possibility of death.


These are the people and beings that are subjugated to the manor. Servants have myriad jobs, ranging from housekeeping, to fieldwork, to body disposal. These souls never leave and are at the beck and call of the manor's residents and guests.

Visitors are people who may freely come and go from the Ashvale manor. Do all visitors truly come and leave of their own volition? Not always.

Residents of Ashvale manor are either family of the matriarchal widow or lifelong friends and companions of those who choose to embrace the manor's horrors. These people, especially if in the bloodline, have the most control in the manor, outranking visitors, and certainly overstepping servants.

Lurking Horror
These are the physical creatures and beasts that terrorize the grounds and even the corridors of Ashvale manor. Lurking Horrors can target any unfortunate soul they come across, though they are less inclined to harm residents. Servants and visitors make wonderful snacks.

Apparitions are the malevolent spirits that torture all living beings alike. They are cruel, merciless, and downright malicious, thirsty for blood and empowered by sheer terror. These spectral figures can take the form of anything imaginable, and while they themselves are not corporeal, they can manipulate physical objects and even possess the living.


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