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Victorias Odd Encounter Sr Meridith 240709

In a dramatic encounter within a seemingly tranquil living room, Victoria faces off against assailants linked to a cult known as the Sapphire Martyrs, who have abducted her sister, Kate. Just as the situation escalates, with Victoria being overpowered by the cult members, a mysterious woman intervenes with formidable strength, aiding Victoria in her fight. This woman, revealing a haunting maturity and a hint of magical knowledge, assists Victoria in incapacitating their attackers using a clever mix of whiskey and bitters, turning the confrontation's tide. Their escape from the immediate danger leads to an introduction, where Victoria shares the reason behind her dire circumstances — the abduction of her fifteen-year-old sister, Kate, by the Sapphire Martyrs.

The duo embarks on a quest to track down Kate, venturing into the woods that border the town. In an ancient clearing, the mysterious woman employs a magical ritual, utilizing Victoria's blood and a moment of deep personal connection with her sister to divine Kate's location — a facility in London. As the ritual unfolds, revealing a path to Kate, the woman warns Victoria of the challenge ahead, emphasizing the need for power and allies. Despite admitting her lack of resources, Victoria’s determination remains unshaken. The woman, revealing herself to be ancient and powerful yet somehow diminished, suggests a journey that will require more than bravery—hinting at a world where the fight against the Sapphire Martyrs will demand sacrifices and alliances beyond Victoria's current capabilities.
(Victoria's odd encounter(SRMeridith):SRMeridith)

[Mon Jul 8 2024]

In a Homely Living Room
The tranquil living room has floor-to-ceiling walls lined in light-colored handmade Danish bricks, pale polished concrete floors and Douglas fir timber ceilings, and is furnished with a monumental black leather sectional and low slung birch wooden table to keep the focus on the wrap-around views. The designer clad the walls flanking the fireplace in black painted wood slats, leaving one wall blank and adding black floating shelves to the other to provide space for a few carefully curated decorative objects. Layered rugs define the seating area, twin floor lamps add symmetry and ambient lighting, and the rest of the decor is kept minimal to keep the focus on the architecture of the room. The eastern wall has been painted a nice, even terracotta hue.

It is afternoon, about 95F(35C) degrees, and there are a few wispy white clouds in the sky.

Appealing to their better nature, a great move for anyone other than a member of a cult that wants the world to end in a firery death of everyone and everything. The kid launches forward toward Victoria and takes a swing with the pipe, the others moving to cut off her escape.

Victoria blinks and ducks, attempting to land a punch on the kid's jaw. "Seriously?" she yells.

Victoria is capable for a pretty average human. Despite the reach of the pipe she manages to get a solid strike on the jaw of the lead kid, but then the other springs at her, grabbing her arms and pulling her guard back. The kid with a pipe grins sadistically and wheels back to strike her with full force. Sanctuary or not, it'll hurt. But, then there is a flash of movement and the pipe is grabbed by a woman. She stands there, just shy of six feet, a body made of muscle, though she looks in her mid thirties she has the weight of years upon her expression. She delivers a strike against the kid and sends him sprawling backwards. Then she staggers and hacks a cough as the two remaining rush her. She doesn't look great. Victoria could probably lend a hand.

Victoria gives a quick glance to the woman, and then as luck would have it, she recalls something she always keeps tucked in a small bag on her - a bit of liquor. After all, she is a mixologist. Without hesitation she reaches into the bag, thumb unscrewing the lid, and in a moment a very large mixture of whiskey, bitters, and sour mix is flung into the eyes of the other two kids. After this, she frowns, kicking one in the knee with a "Hmph!".

Alcoholism strikes, and saves the day. The woman fends off two savage blows, mostly by taking them to the chest, but the mixture splashing on them is the distraction she needs. A savage headbutt, follows a toss sending them hurtling towards the flames which ignites sending them screaming. She looks to Victoria and whistles, nudging her head out of there and she goes to move, expecting her to follow perhaps.

Victoria promptly follows after the woman, not bothering to look back to the kids, despite the screaming. "Hey, thanks," she says sincerely to the woman. "Were you...following me or soemthing?" She keeps pace easily as they walk to a safe distance away from the fire.

She studies Victoria for a moment, slowing once the sirens begin to wail and emergancy response is sounded, a block or two away. "Circumstance," she muses to Victoria. "Fate maybe. No, I don't know who you are," she explains. "Who are you?" She asks.

"I'm Victoria," Victoria introduces herself. Her voice gets lower and she tells the woman, "I have been searching for the Sapphire Martyrs. They have my sister." She gives a small sigh. "That's how I ended up almost at the barbeque." She jerks a thumb back in the general direction of where they had just been.

There's a moment of silence, then a nod. "Sapphire Martyrs. Monsters. These are enemies of mine as well," she tells Victoria. "Tell me of your sister, I will help you find her. Come with me?" she asks, or tells. It's hard to say.

though she doesn't get the woman's name, Victoria decides not to press it, nodding to her and following along. "Her name is Kate," Victoria says. "She's fifteen this year. Cute kid, blonde hair and blue eyes." She bites her lip and her voice trails off a while. "I don't know why they'd want her," she says finally.

Though she doesn't get the woman's name, Victoria decides not to press it, nodding to her and following along. "Her name is Kate," Victoria says. "She's fifteen this year. Cute kid, blonde hair and blue eyes." She bites her lip and her voice trails off a while. "I don't know why they'd want her," she says finally. (fixed)

The two walk, heading towards the woods on the edge of town. The older womans eyes flit about here and there, seeing something? Searching for something? She exhales harsh. "They recruit from all, and any. They want her because she is not them. That's all," she tells Victoria. "What are you?" She asks the woman. "Natural, yes?" She sniffs the air.

Victoria blinks a few times as the sniffing occurs. "Yes, I'm human," she confirms, glancing about herself, though her eyes don't find anything within their sight.

She hums, satisfied with that answer perhaps. And continues to march in relatively silence, leading Victoria deeper and deeper into the woods.

Victoria follows cautiously, eyes straining to see anything of help within the leaves and branches of the woods. It's all she can do to follow along with the woman and try to search at the same time.

After awhile they come to a stop on the road. She turns to Victoria. "Trusting. Naive? Desperate?" She leans in to stare closely at her, maybe an inch or two from her face.

"Excuse me?" Victoria asks in confusion, eyebrows coming together, as she's not sure what to make of the question.

She hesitates a moment and leans back. "No. You know magic?" She asks Victoria abruptly.

Victoria shakes her head, blinking a few times. Did she just get asked two different questions, or is she going crazy in the woods?

exhales tutting. "People ignore it. Solving problems by becoming one with something bigger. Come, the woods is where magic is easiest," she insists, leading Victoria along

The woman with Victoria exhales tutting. "People ignore it. Solving problems by becoming one with something bigger. Come, the woods is where magic is easiest," she insists, leading Victoria along. (Fixed)

Victoria nods her head slowly, wordlessly following the woman into the woods. She is, of course, still worried, but who else has she got to trust right now? She glances over the woman curiously as they walk, perhaps noting all the questions she'd like to ask her later.

They walk for a bit through the woods, along a path until they reach a small clearing. A brook passes through and she walks towards the edge. "Sit. Tell me more of your sister. Clearer impression, easier result." She moves to sit and folds her legs comfortably, looking utterly serene.

Victoria obliges, taking a seat, though an impatient look crosses her features. "She's a normal kid," she says, shrugging. "Likes school, has lots of friends...she likes art." She watches the woman, clearly wondering how this is helping their cause.

She gazes upon Victoria. "Drops of blood in the water," she gestures to her and the water. She looks away, perhaps trusting it to be done and the air begins to pick up, a gentle breeze that washes over the scene, stilling the water for a moment. She begins to chant quietly.

For a moment, Victoria stands and blinks. "You've seen weirder" she murmurs to herself, picking up a nearby rock that has a jagged edge and dragging it across one palm with a wince. She holds her palm over the brook, letting a few drops of blood fall.

Perhaps thinking Victoria was addressing her, raises her brow and nods towards Victoria. "Hand in the water, think of your sister," she explains to her. And chants quiet. There are eyes now, upon them. Animals in the woods? Or something else?

Victoria frowns, glancing about herself as she crouches down and dips her hand into the water. She inhales sharply and closes her eyes, forcing a memory to her thoughts- the time she taught her sister how to ride a bicycle. She had fallen down, and Victoria had treated her scraped knee.

The water swirls before Victoria, as the crimson of her blood spreads, the water turns red, deep red, thick, and the wind picks up and the water swirls. She sees those moments, but not from her eyes, from the eyes of the world around her, nature, then she sees her sister, not in the past but as Victoria remembers her. "She's been abducted, a facility in the heart of London." She nods gently. Then turns to look at Victoria. "I could take you. If you wanted but, are you ready for such a thing? Brave, and bold, but more than a mixed cocktail will be needed, more than one old woman."

"What else would be needed?" Victoria asks, bringing her hand out of the water, and standing back up. "If I don't go get her, who knows what they're doing to do with her!" She looks over the woman again. "You don't look that old," she tells her.

She smiles at Victoria and gestures. "I stopped counting. almost two thousand moons have come and gone since my birth. The world is more, and less than I remember it." She gazes down and holds a hand over her heart. "But I am less." She looks at Victoria. "Power. Allies or of the self. Do you have either?" she asks. "Or did you simply wish to join your sister as their captor?"

"I.." Victoria looks about herself. "I have neither," she admits softly. "But I can't just let her there."

"No, you cannot," she agrees with Victoria. "Tell me, what do you know of the Sapphire Martyrs?"

Victoria looks down at the ground, flushing slightly with embarassment. "It's possible that I know pretty much, uhm, nothing," she admits very softly, refusing to look up. "In my defense, I recently returned to town. Only recently."