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Haven is an online Role Playing game. While similar in some ways to other online games such as World of Warcraft and other MMOs it differs in being entirely text based and in focusing more on the RP. It is a type of collaborative fiction, similar to stories that are written with authors taking turns at chapters, except with each author in charge of a single character instead.

Haven features 23 unique combat disciplines, allowing complete customisation over the way you fight. It also features over 100 unique stats, with multiple levels to represent everything about your character from their strength to their level of education. It is a game with unrivaled customisation options, complete control over how you fight, how you look, player housing and player built rooms. It features a dual progression system, train your disciplines with experience earned in combat, and train your stats with experience earned RPing. A dual combat system which automatically switches between turn based, RP driven combat among players and in important stories to fast paced real time combat against NPCs while leveling. Join one of many factions, each with a unique philosophy and infrastructure, or play one of the town's many civilian characters.

Haven is a game unlike any other, a completely unique codebase merging the best elements of MUDs and the best elements of MUSHes with a healthy mix of completely original ideas to create the best, most immersive and compelling online roleplaying game. Users do not retain any ownership of content that they generated in or for the game or the website associated with the game. Their ideas and innovations will be used without permission to better the game and community.

Supportive players may be offered in game compensation for their contributions, but they are not entitled to it. The administration reserves sole discretion to the allocation of such compensation. Likewise, donations are provided for the benefit of the game and any in game compensation presented is provided as a gift which may be revoked at any time. Donations of any kind, monetary or otherwise, are nonrefundable regardless of a player's wishes, satisfaction, or ability to enjoy the game.

Content is generally of a mature nature with no restrictions placed upon it. As such, depictions of graphic violence, sex, or other adult themes may be presented to the player over the course of their time here. By playing here, you agree that you are legally permitted to view such material. Furthermore, users do not retain any ownership of content generated in or for the game or the website associated with the game. You must be an adult to play Haven.