\ Haven:Mist and Shadow Gameplay/Roleplaying


-An overview of commands and roleplaying information

-Information on using the emote command.

-Information on using the say command.

-Information on using the whisper command.

-Information on using the roomtitle command.

-Information on socials.

-Information on the game calendar.

-Information on gaining and using influence.

-Information on creating and interacting with schemes.

-Information on phones.

-Information on the IC Chatroom.

-Information on the attempt command.

-Information on the compete command.

-Information on using the change command.

-Information on imprinting other players.

-Setting up how your character looks.

-Setting up your character

-Information on how to roleplay your character.

-Information on setting up your character's habits.

-Information on private comms.

-Information on submitting story ideas for SRs.

-Information on the visibility of your RP.

-A guide on what characters have short life expectancies.

-Information on setting up your IC relationships.

-Information on taking and holding an IC job.

-Information on roleplaying in your dreams.